Toni Nielson

Toni Nielson

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Los Angeles based Songwriter & Recording Artist (Pop/Urban); Signed to BMG/Chrysalis/Green and Bloom.


Toni Nielson was born with the passion for music. At the young age of three, she declared to her mother that she would become a singer when she grew up. By the age of five, Toni stood onstage in a local Rhode Island pageant in her hometown and reaffirmed her passion to sing. She, then, grabbed the mic from the pageant host’s hands and walked away with it as the crowd applauded in amusement, which also grabbed her the First Runner Up title. By the first grade, Toni was writing music and playing piano without any formal training. Her musical talent was recognized at the age of six by her elementary school music and choir teacher, and she diligently studied with him well into her high school years. By the 7th grade, Toni’s middle school drama teacher encouraged her to audition for Talent America. Toni went onto the National’s to win 4th place overall in the singing competition and 1st place in acting (which Debra Messing had won the year prior).

During her developing songwriting and artist career, Toni has been featured in a 2008 Mazda3 US commercial, and that same year, she was featured through Clear Channel alongside Rihanna, Sean Kingston, Kat Deluna and Robin Thicke, on every Clear Channel music station in the US. Since that time, Toni has performed in over 200 live shows throughout the United States and Canada, including a 2012 summer tour with Canadian/Somalian superstar K’Naan, and has been invited to perform on future tour dates.

In August 2011, Toni signed a prestigious publishing deal with BMG/Chrysalis. Since signing, Toni has co-written Ilia Darlin’s first single “Hit Me” alongside Billy Mann and Dave Schuler, which was released in January 2012. Toni has co-written “Invincible” for the group, Xelle, which was released in February 2012 for a national LGBT campaign. Additionally, she has written the singles “Last Train Home” and “Contigo” for Mexican superstar, Paty Cantu, co-written “Arcade” with Esmee Denters for Esmee’s solo project, and has collaborated with Anthony Preston on co-writes for Avicii and Afrojack.

Toni has had the opportunity to work with Billy Mann (Pink, Cher, Celine Dion), Dave Schuler (Pink, Esmee Denters), Andy Marvel (Jason Derulo, Celine Dion), Anthony Preston (Britney Spears, Afrojack), Caleb Shrieve (Jennifer Lopez), Jon Siebels (Eve 6), Machopsycho (Pink, Cher), Tracklacers (Pink, Christina Aguilera) on various projects and has collaborated with many songwriters, producers, and artists at BMG, EMI, Universal Music Group, MBK Entertainment, Sony, and Armada.

As an unsigned recording artist and since securing the BMG deal, Toni has written and been a featured vocalist on released singles such as tyDi "Walk On Water" (Armada), Spencer & Hill "Dead or Alive" (Kontor), and Maison & Dragen "Immortal Love" and "Out of Control" (Armada - Captivating Sounds). "Immortal Love" crossed over as a US single and was released on NOW That's What I Call Music’s sister EDM compilation album, NOW That's What I Call A Workout vol. 3, and "Out of Control" is on hold for the upcoming NOW That's What I Call A Workout album. Additionally, Toni co-wrote and features on Emilio Rojas "Last One Standing" and J Trill "Time Traveler". 

Toni is currently in the process of securing a record deal.


Walk On Water

Written By: Toni Nielson

I learned to stand on my own again
In the aftermath of us
I picked up all the pieces
That you never cleaned up

You can't throw this away
Keep coming back around, back around
You're still burning all our bridges
Now there's no way back to you

Do you think I walk on water,
Oh, do you think I walk on water

You're locked out in the cold again
Cause you've used up all my trust
Can't find what you're here looking for
Got my windows boarded up

You can't throw this away
Keep coming back around, back around
You're still burning all our bridges
Now there's no way back to you

Do you think I walk on water,
Oh, do you think I walk on water

Dead or Alive

Written By: Toni Nielson, Hal Linton, Sash Banks

I'm a shot in the dark
Try to aim for my heart
But you'll miss

You knew from the start
I ain't no walk in the park
Yes you did

You can call in the guards
Tell 'em to aim for my heart
But they'll miss

You say you go hard, huh
Well I ain't feelin it

I'm wanted dead or alive
Cuz there's a price tag on my life
No one's gonna take my heart from me
No one's gonna take my heart from me
Looks like I'm wanted dead or alive
I'm wanted D.O.A.

The X marks the spot
And the target's my heart
Try to hit

You reshuffle the cards
But I still come out on top
This is it

An undercover cop
But you revealed who you are
Yes you did, oh

You say you go hard, huh
But I'm not feelin it, oh


"Dead or Alive" Spencer & Hill feat. Toni Nielson (Kontor)
"Walk On Water" tyDi and Maison & Dragen feat. Toni Nielson (Armada)
"Hit Me" Ilia Darlin (EMI)
"Last Train Home" Paty Cantu (EMI)
"Invincible" Xelle (Independent)