toni atari

toni atari

 Brattleboro, Vermont, USA

Here's what listeners say about Toni Atari:

"Its like Lyfe Jennings first album and Portishead made passionate love and Toni Atari came out...and that's a good thing!"

"....Mazzy Star, but pop."

"Its like Brittany Spears meets Pink Floyd..I like it!"


Combine haunting, intoxicating vocals and sophisticated lyricism with loop-driven, bassy/spacey instrumentals and you get the neo-Mazzy Star of indie pop/dance/electronic music: Toni Atari.

This emerging artist from Southern Vermont is a true pioneer of independent music-- a self-produced, self-engineered, and self-managed artist since 2011. "My instrumentals are pretty sparse, because I'm primarily a lyricist and singer...I learned to produce because I needed a way to share my music...without having to learn guitar."

Her first exposure to creating electronic music came early in her college education. "I got to handle Moogs Synths, old school Akai Synths, even a Theremin. Today I work almost exclusively in midi, but I love synthesizers and electronic music in general. And yes, I sometimes record with acoustic instruments--even guitar."

Also during her college career, she wrote and produced an original musical called The Toychest. "I did everything from choreography to costume design...That part wasn't too hard because the musical takes place in a strip club--so the outfits were skimpy. The subject matter appealed to me because I love the idea of taking socially deviant situations and re-staging them as fine art...exploring personal freedom is always inappropriate and also really just fun."

In mid-2011 Toni Atari took on a co-producer Darryl K. "He's an awesome and dedicated musician with great pop sensibilities, on top of just being a wonderful friend and supporter."

Ms. Atari is currently organizing a New England College Tour for post-Spring Break "Guerilla style...If you can't get permission, just beg for forgiveness later." She's is anticipating a summer festivals tour before settling into her new Brooklyn residence.


(Can You) Let It Go

Written By: Toni Atari

Can you let it go?
Its not a request, its a question
Cuz I can't let it go...
I cannot let it show
You have heard my confession

If I was in your arms...
I'd be wrapped like a bracelet
A chain of charms
But I'm calm and I'm not alarmed
I know you think of me
While shes soft in the dawn

Do you believe in signs?
My heart yearns for expression
And I keep thinking that in time
That the waves will flow
Wash away these impressions

Now you stay on my mind
I don't want relief
Treat this pain so kind
I'm alone, but its really fine
Though you held me brief
I remain in that time...

I can't betray my heart
I only say it cuz my love was sent from the stars
This is the way things are
Even if I know
That my hope might make your life hard

Can you let it go?
Cuz I can't let it go
If I was in your arms...
Oh, if I was in your arms...

Can't let it go...x3
I won't let it go.

Think About You Constantly

Written By: Toni Atari

Think About You Constantly

I'm looking forward to seeing you
touching you tasting you
If I have occasion to

I think about it often now
In an alley in a bed or in a crowd
My heart is palpatating
At the thought of you reciprocating
This desire is not abating
And I don't know Why


I think about you constantly
Stretching out under my brand new sheets
I think about it often times
Wonder if you'll be a lover of mine
I wonder also possibly
Are you entertaining thoughts of me?
Are you?
Are you entertaining thoughts of me?

Verse 2

I'm looking forward to seeing you
touching you tasting you
if you're in a similar mood
I like you in a lot of ways
I don't want promises or delays
Yes it is border line obsession
How I wanna feel your compression
I am not in the mood for repression
So why should I try


Verse 3

I'm looking forward to seeing you
touching you tasting you
If you wanna brave it too
Rest assured I'm not on the prowl
Got you name on my lips
When I wanna howl
These emotions could be deep or fleeting
this is like what, our third meeting
I am not gonna be deceiving
And I will not lie



And if I touch you with these thougths
Will I be struck by lightning?
The textures I know you possess
Are so pleasing, so exciting
Secret sorrows
Love affairs
Composed in imagined space
Send us searching for their affirmation
In each others face

Chorus (Outro)

Daughter's Father

Written By: Toni Atari

Long, not so long ago
Life was song in breeze
Blowing through trees and doors
Mystery answers that lead to more

I believed I could out reason fate
Make believing you was a big mistake
I thought I could tell real from fake

On my body's honor
You're my daughter's father
Be her loving armor
Though I am yours
I am yours no longer
We must both be braver
Hearts without and anchor
Life has gotten stranger
And please don't please don't feel anger

The virtues of me and you
Were getting farther between and few
Blinding ourselves to the truth that we knew
How could we ask one another to change
The hopes that gave meaning to our names
I don't think there's a reason to blame, no...


How..How am I to deal with you
There..There is only one way
I forgive you because you
See I know you're perfect anyway
I..I found you free and sure
Yet we took residence in a cage
And I can't go back to that place

Chorus (outro)


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