New York City electro-pop act TONICA tells stories of love, loss and life of a small girl in a big city on their debut album Cabaret 77, available on iTunes.


TONICA was formed in 2005 when singer/songwriter Becca was introduced to producer Boris Berlin. They began writing songs and crafting a unique style, mixing various influences from past and present. The albums many catchy dance-pop pleasures are interlaced with moody down-tempo signature tracks that bring a fresh improvisational elements to the electronic genre. Becca's sentimental, haunting voice lends a forlorn element to the dance anthem: the diva with the broken heart.

-Live shows include NY venues: Don Hill's, Frying Pan (Fashion week afterparty), Splash, Spirit, The Ritz, Porky's, K Lounge, Show, Club Crush

-Appeared on Fox 5 National News during a live show at Club Crush

-Radio play on Boston's KISS 108 FM for song "Never Let You Go"



Cabaret 77 is now available on iTunes and CdBaby!

Set List

Never Let You Go
Hot Rendezvous
Tell Me
Only Dreaming
Love Slave
Eternity Calling
Into the Light
Cabaret License
Where Are You?
The Whistler

APPROX: 45 minutes long