Tonight Forever

Tonight Forever

 Vicksburg, Mississippi, USA


Tonight Forever formed in 2010 as a result of five kids coming together who just loved to play music. We all knew each other from being in different bands in the Jackson music scene. However, this wasn't the typical music of Mississippi. No backwoods banjos or the whine of fiddles in the music of Tonight Forever. Our music is filled with distorted guitars and pure pop vocals. Tonight Forever knew they had something special on their hands. "We just make music that we love. We grew up listening to huge pop artist, and it definitely shows in our music." The kids of Tonight Forever began skipping school so they could play shows from Louisana to all over the Mississippi area. We'll be released our first 5 track EP "Friendships Sink Also!" the Spring of 2011. We will be releasing our first full length "States Away" Spring 2012.


Above is our most recent music.

Set List

We have about 1hr 15min set list.