Tonight, We Burn.

Tonight, We Burn.


Catchy Alternative Rock/Punk with a Folky Edge! We mix together various of types of our favourite music to combine something we'd like to think is completely individual.


We are a 2 piece unique band from South East London who are just trying to find our feet in the industry, Influenced by all different ranges of music from Bon Jovi to Bon Iver, We are trying to create something different and want you to be a part of it!


The Local Ammunition - Self Release. (2010)

Set List

3 Cheers For The Summertime
Mr. Wright
[Cover Song - Where Is The Love? Black Eyed Peas or B52's Love Shack]
Remembering Amnesia
Tonight, We Burn.

new songs being written at the moment to incorporate into our set.