Tonight We Sleep

Tonight We Sleep


Tonight We Sleep is an alternative-rock band from the Philippines best known for their head-strong musicality, compelling melodies, and unapologetic lyrical honesty. Watching them in the flesh attests to the band's undeniable chemistry that encompasses both their song-writing and live performances.


All four members attended Ateneo de Manila High School and have crossed paths early on. After years of experimentation with their different respective bands, Ow, Rex, Argee and, Ton came together to form Tonight We Sleep in 2007. After two years of relentless and continuos gigging around the metro, they began the recording of their debut album in 2009 with Knive Recording.

Ton left the band shortly before the release of their album with the band's acoustic pre-launch concert, "What's Between Your Lines?," as his farewell performance. Lex Formoso, a close friend and a former bandmate to most of the group, took hold of lead guitar duties. His arrival promises an exciting twist to the sound of the band's new songs.

WE WILL ALL RECOVER, their first full-length album, was released in September 2012. The album features 10 original songs including favourites such as Angels Leave in November, Gabrielle, and Tonight We Sleep.

As of September 2013, the band is halfway through the writing and recording of their second album. With a different line-up, and a renewed and elated song-writing disposition, their sophomore effort is guaranteed to be a more captivating and emotionally-rendering version of their first album.


Tonight We Sleep has garnered radio airplay with NU 107, RJ Radio, and Rakista Radio.

The band's first album can be streamed and bought online through bandcamp:

The first single from their second album, The Shelter of City Walls, was featured in Yellow Room Philippines in June 2013:

Here are live performances of the band's songs from the new album:
The Shelter of City Walls:
Take Everything You Need: