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Northampton, Massachusetts, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | INDIE

Northampton, Massachusetts, United States | INDIE
Established on Jan, 2014
Solo Hip Hop Electronic




"Pink Floyd & Dead Prez "They Schools" (CHEATCODE Remix)""

Blending Brooklyn duo Dead Prez with English rockers Pink Floyd, CHEATCODE does it again, blending two tracks effortlessly. - Hip Hop DX

"Listen: Pink Floyd x Dead Prez – “They Schools” (CHEATCODE Remix)"

Thematically, the two cuts producer Cheatcode matched with each otehr here line up perfectly, stylistically, it’s a whole different. Thankfully, it’s more than just a blend, as Cheatcode carves some hiphop edges into Roger Waters’ tune, leaving the guitars intact but creating some crevices that fit the verses perfectly. - The Rap Up

"Cheatcode Releases New Free EP ‘Phantasmagoria’"

Between the surreal sounds and slick sample chops from MA’s very own Cheatcode, it’s impossible to dismiss this ambitious project as one that captures a sense of Phantasmagoria. Defined as a confusing scene akin to a movie due to its odd, ever-changing nature, it’s the best way to capture the shifting, bass heavy sounds that this FreEP conjures up. With tracks like the piano-dominant, nightmare-inducing “All I Know,” to the triumphant “Dead President,” which builds upon a now-famous JFK speech, laced with quotables from The Notorious B.I.G, Cheatcode is able to record the soundtrack to his dreams, and express them freely for our enjoyment. One thing I love about Cheatcode is you can feel his rap roots in almost all of his tracks.

Having recently switched to bass music, Cheatcode has only one official EP under his new name; before this switch he wore many hats and did many other things. His 2012 EP Select Start was a huge success, and put him on the bass music map. Fans can expect more trap, heavy basslines, and even some trippy piano riffs in this new EP. What makes Cheatcode different is that he essentially mixes hip hop/rap/bass together along with beautiful melodies to form his gangster tracks.

“My vision for this album was to tap back into my Hip-Hop roots while applying what I’ve learned from producing Bass music over the past few years,” states Cheatcode. With the sparse samples that can be found on this EP, the talented producer has the uncanny ability to pick apart samples and use them in the most unconventional way possible. As the Massachusetts-based beatsmith lures you into his dynamic world full of bass-heavy sounds and slamming snares, remember that most dreams are worth reliving again and again. Phantasmagoria is pretty legit, and completely free! Check below for the full track list and download links, or stream via soundcloud. - Sensible Reason


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phan·tas·ma·go·ria noun fan-ˌtaz-mə-ˈgȯr-ē-ə\
: a confusing or strange scene that is like a dream because it is always changing in an odd way

Cheatcode’s new EP is called Phantasmagoria, and, just like the word’s dictionary definition it constantly changes and mutuates, confounding your expectations and surprising you with each twist and turn. It’s half hip-hop beat tape and half club smashing dance music EP, which makes sense when Cheatcode tells us: “My vision for this album was to tap back into my hip-hop roots while applying what I’ve learned from producing bass music over the past few years.” From the pummeling “All I Know” to the hyperactive “The Triz” to the sample-fuelled “Dead President,” Phantasmagoria is a solid and varied ride throughout. Check it out below. - Pigeons and Planes

"Download Cheatcode’s “Phantasmagoria”"

Massachusetts beat smith Cheatcode dropped a free full length album last Friday and we thought it was worth your time to listen and grab. On it he connects the dots between sample-based hip-hop and bass music. Each song is a journey in it’s own right, transporting you into intricate and unique soundscapes that are like self contained worlds. It is this shifting nature of the music that is alluded to by the title of the album. It’s an interesting and thoughtful ride with some interesting collabs like with DAD fave Deejay Theory. Grab it at Audiomack and enjoy. - Do Androids Dance

"Cheatcode – Phantasmagoria: FREE New Album & Exclusive Interview [Glitch-Hop//Bass]"

We had a real blast up at F.A.R.M. Fest this past weekend, but while we were getting down at the Funky Town Stage, plenty of artists were still hard at work, whether in the studio or on the road. One of the amazing artists that joined us this weekend on Rickey Farm was Cheatcode, a Massachusetts native producer and all-around musician. While we were out of town though, Cheatcode was also busy fine-tuning his new album, Phantasmagoria. Thursday night we were lucky enough to hear a good handful of material from the new album during Cheatcode’s late night set. However, it only left us thirsting for more. After dishing out plenty of physical copies of the album to the few F.A.R.M. Fest patrons lucky enough to get their hands on one, we returned home to sink our own teeth into the new album.

There’s a few things Cheatcode proved with his set this weekend, and those same things shine through brightly and clearly on Phantasmagoria. First of all, this is a producer well-versed in production, able to draw influences from a multitude of musical genres. The album calls on dance and bass music influences generally, but settles into niche points drawing from everything from hip-hop and rock, to jazz and soul. The incorporation of beatbox master Honeycomb‘s vocals on “Honeycode” meld seamlessly with Cheatcode’s own deep basslines and illuminating beatwork. Other tracks call upon plenty of live instrumentation, ranging from riveting guitar lines to organic drum patterns. More so than any other, a strong hip-hop influence can be felt throughout the record, stemming from impeccable vocal sampling and classically inspired deejay cuts.

I was lucky enough to catch up with Cheatcode at the conclusion of the festival to get in a few words about the new album and all that’s gone into it. We further discussed hiss roots, influences, and future, while going in depth about Phantasmagoria in particular. You can read the interview below the album stream.

Phantasmagoria is now out on Cheatcode’s soundcloud as a FREE download, so grab it now! And be sure to catch Cheatcode performing at Bella Terra Music Festival this year. - Funkadelphia Music

"Cheatcode Successfully Melds Genres In ‘Phantasmagoria’ EP"

When music is described as electronic meets hip-hop, many purists are turned off. Even though that’s how Cheatcode’s latest Phantasmagoria EP is being classified, hard-headed rap snobs will have a hard time denying the levels of quality layering this talented producer’s project.

From the moment listeners press play on the epic intro “Lucky Break,” the clear level of overall production quality is evident. As in most current electronic music, the mix is stadium-ready and complete with building drop-outs. However, the core and most prevalent aspects of this project are rooted in hip-hop, which is really where the MA artist stands out. Mixing quality sampling chops with big, boisterous bass, slamming boom-bap and some impressive turntable techniques, Cheat offers a refreshing take on a classic sound.

To experience the monster vibes of Cheatcode for yourself, stream Phantasmagoria below or download the project for free here. - The Smoking Section

"CHEATCODE makes your dreams come true with 'Phantasmagoria' [EP]"

Have you ever had a dream in which you couldn't distinguish fiction from reality? Why do we dream? How do we know that our lives aren't just one big dream? Before we go all metaphysical on you, let's give you something to bump. Check out this latest EP from Massachusetts producer Cheatcode and try not to drift out of consciousness. Phantasmagoria, which means an ever confusing scene akin to a dream that is constantly changing , has its roots in bass music and hip-hop, but the style in which Cheat blends them together is some next level stuff. According to the producer, the album is best enjoyed in one sitting, as the songs were meticulously arranged to emit that strange, but delightful feeling that may arise from our dreams.

What I dig about Cheatcode is that he's not about fitting into the norms of what's going on in the scene. While I do enjoy this EP as a whole, "All I Know" and Dead President" are my standout joints; the former uses a dominating, cryptic piano beat alongside a chopped up T.I sample, while the latter unites The Notorious B.I.G with a chilling John F. Kennedy speech to get you hooked on the sounds of Cheatcode. Check out the tracks down below and support the producer by downloading the tracks today. - Earmilk

"Voltran & Cheatcode – All I Know (Free Download)"

Massachusetts own Voltran and Cheatcode collaborated for a phenomenal track entitled “All I Know.” All I know is that this track is going to be on repeat for a long time, not only because it is amazing, but because I have a personal weakness for beautiful blends of piano and bass. With those two key elements mixed in with many others, like the catchy vocal and the subtle brass hits, they created a masterpiece of dub influenced trap. It’s not until the second drop that the bass really takes over, which is eventually replaced by screaming leads and a synthesized block-hit. A masterfully crafted and well developed tune, “All I Know” is a must have and it’s free SO GO GET IT! - Your EDM


You may remember CHEATCODE from his Nas, Aerosmith and Frank Sinatra “Street Dreams” remix that was posted on our blog this past February. Now CHEATCODE and HONEYCOMB have teamed up for their collaborative EDM and hip-hop influenced single titled “The Payoff“. Including vvocals and production from CHEATCODE and some stellar beat boxing from HONEYCOMB, “The Payoff” has quite a unique ring to it. -

"CHEATCODE & Honeycomb Create a Drum Machine Jambalaya with “The Payoff” (MP3)"

What makes music so powerful is its ability to stay fresh at the hands of creative minds. CHEATCODE and Honeycomb are out to do just that.. ten fold. As CHEATCODE goes bananas on the mic and on the boards while Honeycomb goes into a beat boxing frenzy, the combine to create a bone rattling experience you wish you booked at your 21st birthday party. “The Payoff” will have you scratching your head while it’s nodding to the beat, and thinking why you didn’t mix Hip-Hop and EDM like these guys before. Now go ahead and hit the jump and let the head nodding begin… -

"CHEATCODE - Street Dreams (CHEATCODE Remix)"

Frank Sinatra, Aerosmith and Nas: three acts from very different genres, embodying three distinct musical eras. In other words, the perfect ingredients for an epic mash-up. Though CHEATCODE‘s remix of It Was Written inclusion Street Dreams, newly-released as a promo single, is a Reader’s Digest-style condensation of five-plus decades of pop history, the record doesn’t come off as a simple stunt. By juxtaposing the Queensbridge emcee’s rhymes with samples from Aerosmith’s 1973 single, Dream On, and Ol’ Blue Eyes’ Young at Heart, the Western Massachusetts beatsmith offers a multifaceted commentary on the songs’ shared themes of time, aging and ambition. A commentary which also happens to sound dope as hell. Feeling it? While this remix isn’t part of any forthcoming project, we’ll keep you supplied with the latest compositions from this innovative Bay State beatsmith. -

"Nas + Aerosmith + Sinatra: Street Dreams (CHEATCODE Remix)"

What do you get when you mix Nas, Aerosmith and Frank Sinatra? This dope ass remix from CHEATCODE! Massachusetts producer CHEATCODE gives Nas‘ classic “Street Dreams” a rather imaginative mashup. By combining elements of both Aerosmith‘s 1973 single “Dream On” and Ol’ Blue Eye’s vintage ballad “Young at Heart,” over CHEATCODE’s crushing percussion, trembling bassline and crunchy synths, the Commonwealth producer skillfully blends over five decades of music history into one seamless remix. Conceptually, the remix reveals the juxtaposing vantage points of a young Nas revisiting his childhood dreams of being rich, while a seasoned Frank Sinatra dreams of buying back his youth. -


Still working on that hot first release.



Growing from a thickly accented hip hop background, Tonio Sagan has carried the ideas and concepts of the genre with him to his latest stage of modern production and performance. Sagan seeks to implicate much more than just hip hop inspiration though; fusing in an expansive blanket of various modern, and sometimes future electronic music techniques, his sound has become impossible to pin down to a single, encapsulating phrase.

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