Toni Sicola

Toni Sicola


This is the type of music you might listen to when you're getting over a breakup. Passionate, and sometimes desperate, Sicola's strengths lie in her voice and her lyrics. And her voice is unforgettable. Her genre is folk-rock, but her Texas roots are evident in her sound and writing style.


Toni Sicola is a funky folk rocker with influences ranging from 80's top 40 to Ani Difranco and Indigo Girls. Blending an acoustic sound with gritty electric guitar, Toni's music stretches her genre, reflecting her Texas roots and her love for the new folk scene. Her voice cuts through the music with an elegant passion that pulls the listener into every song she performs.
After finishing up in the studio with Jack Saunders of White Cat Records in the summer of 2005, Sicola released her latest album, Another Thing Coming to Texas audiences before uprooting and moving to Baltimore, MD. This is her third album, and by far her best showing yet, reflecting her evolving songwriting skills and sincere subject matter. Sicola’s writing has a clear focus with vivid lyrics and inspiring musicianship. Another Thing Coming includes recut material from her independent album (Released, 2003) and songs inspired by a four-month stay in Florence, Italy. With a unique line-up of instruments and a fabulous band behind her, Toni Sicola proves that she can compete with top musicians for a place in the limelight.
She has participated in events such as the Houston Women’s Festival and the ROCKRGRL Music Conference 2005, and performed live in Houston and Austin, TX. Her newest adventure, moving to the East Coast, will create an opportunity for networking, greater exposure and, of course, new fans.


In The Sun (2001)
Released (2003)
Another Thing Coming (2005)

Set List

A typical setlist for me has around 20 songs in it, lasting between 2 and 3 hours. I typically have 1 hour or 1.5 hour sets. On an average night, I'll cover 4 or 5 songs, mostly acoustic girly music (Ani Difranco, Indigo Girls, etc.)

Sample List:
1. Gone Astray
2. Another Thing Coming
3. Gravel (Ani Difranco)
4. Goodbye
5. Electrified
6. Released
7. Closer to Fine (Indigo Girls)
8. Do You Know?
9. Come Lay Down With Me
10. Without You
11. Clever
12. Stay (Coal)
13. The Real Thing
14. Combustible
15. Both Hands (Ani Difranco)
16. Me and Bobby McGee (Janis Joplin)
17. Fab Five
18. Maybe
19. Write My Own
20. Drive (Melissa Ferrick)