Combining varying polyrythms and odd time signatures TONNN manages to create aggressive music with a sound distinctly our own. Having been in multiple bands, with and without each other, from high school onwards we have finally found confidence in our somewhat technical, mathy wall of sound.


Tonnn was formed in the late summer of 2007 by friends Sooz and Darryl shortly after having suffered separate band break ups. The two were well acquainted musically; their former band Ghost Stories saw them through most of high school so the reunion only seemed fitting. Songs were written and in a few weeks' time a good friend Chris was recruited in to the band. Things went swimmingly, and the question soon arrived as to whether or not a second guitar player would be added. Deciding to be picky about it the three of them did not actively seek out any musicians. A good friend, Ryan, who previously played in Ghost Stories heard of the new formation and had an itch to jam. Everything fell into place. The four brought a wide range of influences to the table, which admittedly created some confusion in the beginning, but ultimately proved greatly beneficial. TONNN jammed everything they could think of from ambient music to noise, math rock and screamo, and even wrote a few songs mimicking more straight forward 'indie' rock/pop before settling on a more aggressive, but still mathy and technically pleasing sound. Since its inception TONNN has been able to play many shows in and around their hometown as well as in neighboring provinces and were featured on the front page of the Myspace music website.

all of the video we have to offer is here ! two twenty second clips of two songs exist at the following links:




National Wizards of the Century - CD. four tracks available for stream on Myspace.

Set List

1. Dick Wizard II: Dick journey; Quest for the FUTUREVAN
2. Party Steve the way he wanted to be remembered
3. MODG key
4. I work all day and I come home and I have to listen to this shit? Fuck off.
5. Hey, nice jacket.
6. Dick Wizard
7. Volley, Thunder