Flagstaff, Arizona, USA

TONSIL YETI is an early 90's grunge influenced rock band from Flagstaff, AZ. Started in Nov 2009,TY has already recorded two EPs and will finish there 3rd recording in Jan 2012, all recorded with Producer Jeff Lusby. TY brings a monster of a stage show with fresh songs monthly. Let the YETI show U!


TONSIL YETI has been heavily influenced by bands like Alice In Chains, Sound Garden, and Pearl Jam. But TY is different because they bring the freshness that the 2010's need to keep rock timeless like the many bands that have used great blues scales, warm guitar tones, in your face drums, pop and progressive song structures. Derek Born adds gritty, yet dynamic vocals that connect with the audience by having honestly sexy, intelligent lyrics. Derek Born, Chris Wargo, and Dave Swain who had a band called The Bonnie Situation(2002-2004), paired up with Will Joffroy and Mark Broom by the start of 2010 to form what is now affectionately known as Tonsil Yeti.
Tonsil Yeti gigs frequently and always delivers a solid and evolving performance, building a bigger following with every show. Press have called TY's sound: Mammoth, Giant, and Monstrous with good reason.
Tonsil Yeti is currently writing their debut album "A Bomb and A Bull" to be release in early 2012.


Retrograde Sessions - 2010
Retrograde 2 - 2011
A Bomb and A Bull - 2012