Tons of 'Em

Tons of 'Em


Tons of 'Em excels in live performance delivering agressive rock, blues and funk in a concise form that connects with the audience. Listeners from all genres of music will find something they like at a Tons show. Tons Of 'Em is working to strengthen the local music scene promoting unity amongst genres


Bobby Cook - Guitar, Vocals
Ryan Lambertz -Guitar
Steve Swayze - Bass
Bob Cook - Drums

Tons Of 'Em is a rock band in the growing Sioux Falls' local music scene. Despite it's long history,. the band seems to have hit its stride with it's current lineup. The result is a heavier sound with lots of emphasis on dual guitar harmonies and soaring lead vocals. Back to its roots with four original members, Tons Of 'Em has released it's latest effort, The Rest Of Us. The album is available for download at for free will donation.


(2011) Live Album

Set List

1. No Way Dude
2. Trifling
3. Gimme Gimme
4. Limelight Lies
5. Beat Of The Drum
6. Isolate
7. Free Will Kills
8. Glow
9. Halo
10. POS Blues
11. Torch It
12. Haunted Audio