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Uncle Sam’s Blues- receiving airplay on WMPG 90.9FM as well as IAC Internet Radio channels: Fem ‘til Denmark, Bent and Blue, Blusers, Babys Got The Blues, Blues Picks

Before You Accuse Me- receiving airplay on IAC Internet Radio channels: Fem ‘til Denmark, Bent and Blue, Blusers, Babys Got The Blues, Blues Picks

Upcoming Album Releases

Kiss of Blue EP- Releasing Summer 2008



Tonya Fox resides in Southern Maine where she leads a "normal life" as a wife and a mothers. All the while she continue to pursue her passion of being full time performing artists. Tonya Fox is a force to be reckoned with. Staying on top of her game always planning the next step in her journey of becoming a household name an entity of music that is unstoppable. The distinct uniqueness that she brings to the table is going to take her places. Tonya never allows the “norm” to run the choices that she makes in the music that she writes and performs, marching full force ahead and making waves not only in the states but abroad. She has made waves a member of a female duo GoldFox who received airplay on such channels as WMPG 90.9 FM as well as KIAN Internet Radio, which has reached fans in Denmark, Spain, London and other Countries. She is doing her thing and doing it well.

“I never thought that I could ever be considered a Blues singer. My heart has always been in Country. But after meeting Beth and becoming a part of something like GoldFox I realize that Country and Blues are not all that different, I realized that there is a story to tell and many ways to tell it.” -Tonya Fox.

“I want to stay well rounded, my family means the world to me, and I want them to enjoy the ride as much as I do” -Tonya Fox.

While apart of the duo GoldFox the band found themselves in a whirlwind of attention after joining together. They received rave reviews from some of the best and well known industry professionals. But as many raves as they have received they were in tune enough with one another that they realized that there love and adoration of one another was not enough to keep the flame as a duo burning. Thus both members of the group decided to branch out remaining friends and collaborators.

“To many times, you see these cookie cutter bands that are processed in and discarded after one hit and we don’t want to be a one hit wonder, I want to make music that is me ALL of me.” –Tonya Fox

Tonya Fox feels that the gift she was given is to be shared and has been involved herself in The American Cancer Societies 2008 Relay for Life. She has enlisted and is continuing to enlist the support of local musicians as well as the general public in hopes to raise money for the American Cancer Societies event. And feels that no matter where life takes her she will always continue the work of fighting back and remembering those in her life that have lost there battle with Cancer.

Tonya Fox has been singing most of her life and has been writing music as long as she could remember. As a young girl she grew up listening to such great artists as Loretta Lynn, Hank Williams and Johnny Cash while spending time with her grandfather. In her later years her inspirations were Tanya Tucker, Reba McEntire, and Wynonna. But for Tonya her grandfather was the driving force in her passion for Country Music. ”My grandfather was an all America man, from his head to his toes he was Country,” she tells us. Growing up Tonya was exposed to all types of music. She relays that her family was not too picky about the music they listened to, so she listened to almost everything. Country stole her heart and she has been stuck like glue every since. This young lady has a voice that is unstoppable, and as far as she is concerned she has placed herself in a “learning status” a Novice of sorts. In her eyes singing is apart of who she is and her reality is every note. As modest as she is, there is no denying the talent that is there and the talent that has yet been tapped. But time will tell and the world will soon come to find that Tonya Fox as a member of GoldFox will be one of those that you are simply drawn to.