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Tony Alderman

Campbell, CA | Established. Jan 01, 2009 | SELF

Campbell, CA | SELF
Established on Jan, 2009
Solo Alternative Singer/Songwriter


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"Burbank International Film Festival"

Review from performing at the Burbank International Film Festival - Sep 17th 2011.

The fourth performer was a product of England, although now residing in northern California. Tony Alderman is an amazing guitar player with a smoothing voice. His songs were well written and delivered in a way that made you want to hear them over and over again.
- Robert Legget


“Simple, catchy melodies, and thoughtful lyrics are what Tony Alderman’s known for. With a career that’s taken him from the UK to Australia, this is one act from the Pre-Mosaic Music festival by Heineken Music you simply can’t miss.
- IS Magazine (Singapore - March 07)

“Emotional and from the heart, a beautiful album. Love songs from the soul”.
- cdbaby 2009

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Australia has long produced some amazing artists that flit between country, folk and soul music. It’s what musicians like Paul Kelly and The Whitlams are able to do, combining music fused with beautiful melodies and lyrics charged with a real honesty and directness that see them get into people’s lives and go straight to their hearts.

Sydney’s Alderman has just release an album, Over to You that’s filled with all of these intimate and personal offerings. The album opener, I Don’t Love You is like a diary entry read aloud. But instead of using a notepad to jot his thoughts down, Alderman is using his acoustic guitar as his canvas to tell his stories of love, loss, pain and redemption.

This tone flows with such strength and conviction throughout the entire album that at first you feel that what’s being sung/spoken to you is too personal and maybe you shouldn’t be listening. But this frankness and honesty has such a purity to it, the album becomes a conversation between you and the singer.

It’s you and friend in a small city cafe, as the world rushes by frantically outside, you’re focused completely on what’s being said. And it’s this quality of everydayness to Alderman’s songs that make the album instantly accessible.

The instrumentation is delicate throughout, always in perfect balance with the melody. Over to You and Lee stand out among the many finely composed songs. There’s a lightness in the music that is counterpointed by what Alderman is singing about.

A peaceful collection of thoughts in song that offer respite and support, this is a tiny little gem and the perfect company when you just need to shut the world out and reflect.
- Faster/Louder Magazine (Sydney Australia 2005)
In June 2005, I went into a studio and recorded a 10 song demo called ‘Over to You’. It recieved a warm welcome in Australia, most notably from ‘Faster/Louder’ magazine. Some of the songs from this demo, I recorded again at home, and put them on ‘Ghost Town’.
Below is the review from Faster/Louder magazine for ‘Over to You’.
- IS Magazine, CDbaby, Faster/louder (Australia)


A Single Word - LP released July 2009
Ghost Town - LP released September 2010
Bartender Tales - LP 2011



I was the vocalist for three bands in the UK, starting in 1992.
As I got older I found myself drawn more and more to the acoustic guitar, well, it's quieter? Isn't it?!!
I've been playing solo since 2001, mostly in London, Sydney, Melbourne, and Singapore. I played at the Mosaic Music Festival in 2007/8 on the singer/songwriter stage (Singapore).
The Peats Ridge festival in NSW Australia, 2004, and most recently the Burbank International Film Festival Sep 17th 2011.
I make my own records, in my home studio, I love it. 
My music comes from love, and I put my heart + soul into every song.
I'm influenced, vocally, a lot by, Harry Nilsson, Otis Redding, Damien Rice, Cat Stevens and John Lydon. Quite keen on Woody Guthrie and Billy Bragg as well.
I love listening to early 'Blues' recordings, like Robert Johnson, Muddy Waters, Bo Diddley, Howlin' Wolf.
I've played live hundreds of times, in all sorts of places.
I have three loves. My wife, my children, and music.