Tony Almonte

Tony Almonte

 Montréal, Quebec, CAN

Tony Almonte's music flows from the depths of Soul, R&B, to reggae. Due to his immense musical baggage, this artist remains true to his personal dynamic and is as prolific of a musician, that he is a performer. If you enjoy sounds of Philly, New York & Chicago, you will dig this upcoming Artist!


Tony Almonte is a singer-songwriter, musician and composer hailing from Montreal, Canada. His years of experience as a front-man, session player, DJ, and radio host have all helped establish Tony Almonte as a versatile artist and performer.

Tony developed his taste for music and performance as a young boy following in his father’s footstep. At the age of six, young Almonte was pulled on stage alongside the Doobie Brothers during their Farewell Tour to play the cowbell. This first stage experience (cowbell moment) set the tone for the rest of his career. Since, Tony performed, recorded and toured with several outfits north of the American border including bands and DJs from different parts of the globe like David Morales, Osunlade, Jojo Flores & Tony Okungbowa (Ellen DeGeneres show). Moving forward, he shares his original material, while displaying his very own flavour on stage.

After honing his piano, guitar, vocal and writing skills,Tony’s music is best described as soulful with an undeniable pop-soul, R&B and reggae feel on top of having a commercially appealing sound. His songwriting and performance skills have earned him awards such as the People’s Choice Award at CKOI Pro-Scène 2009 songwriter contest, opportunities to perform on big stages at world class events, for instance a WBC (World Boxing Championship) title pre-fight event, Youth Day 2010 in Toronto to crowds exceeding 15,000 people.

Tony’s fourth performance at the majestic Granada theater, was twofold for the Défi Félix Deslauriers-Hallée first as opening act for Bran Van 3000. He later braved the planks to join the BV3 at his post as percussionist, helping raise money for cancer research. Tony also took his music on tour in several cities this time with Movember Canada's support raising awareness towards men’s health and prostate cancer, showcasing his music and his mo’stache during the Mo’Love Tour 2012.

Corporate affiliations and ties have helped define the direction pursued: through mentoring and communal push, microphones and more especially through the sponsorship from Sennheiser acquired in 2012. Almonte has also recorded with an outstanding range of recording artists like Denis Savage & Dominic Messier (Céline Dion), Garry Makenzie, Nick Hynes, James Disalvio from Bran Van 3000, Rayaz Sulaman aka Dj RayRay and Bliss to name a few.

Tony recorded more than a dozen collaborations as a percussionist with talented artists such as Canadian Juno Award winning collective Bran Van 3000, legendary jazz aficionado Khalil El’Zabar, and DJs Roy Davis Jr, Fred Everything, and Miguel Graça.

Well-rounded artist, performer, and musician Tony Almonte’s soul oriented songs and funk driven music, appeal to a diversified audience. His energy on stage is contagious. For additional information or bookings, please visit:


Long Distant Lover

Written By: Tony Almonte

Long distant Lover
Lyrics & music by Tony Almonte

Verse 1
You haven't seen my face quite yet
...still you say I'm the one for you
You haven't felt my presence yet
...still you say I'm the one for you
Although the nights we shared together
Sharing words would see us through
Thoughts of you and I a little closer
...induces fear in me and surely you Wo-howw!

Long distant lover
I never thought that it be true
Long distant lover
We chat until the morning due
Messenger until we bliss
Longing for your touch an for a kiss

Verse 2
I haven't felt your next to mine
...but I think about you all the time
I haven't touched your lips with mine
...but I think about you all the time
Thoughts were brought inside my head
That we could one day potentially share a bed
Thoughts of you and I a little closer
...Induces fear in me and surely you Wou-houww!

Verse 2
I sayd that I would make my way
...and meet your lovely self in Montreal
I sayd that I would gladly make my way
...and spend a weekends chilling, hanging'n spooning overall
Although we would let faith decide
Being like that if time would coincide
Thoughts of you and I a little closer
...Induces fear in me and surely you Yeah-heah!

...Perhaps one day each other we might miss?

Brotherhood tale (feat. James Di Salvio)

Written By: Tony Almonte

Here's a tale of a brother, brother man
Hard life as a boy
Single mother raised two men
One of them remains my boy
Backed up as a child
Young brother man was sort of shy
I took him everywhere in style
Everyone knew the reason why

Brotherhood vibes on, Brotherhood vibes on
Disregarding lifestyle, the love's still strong
Brotherhood vibes on, Brotherhood vibes on
Thank God another day has gone

Hooked up on the scene
With the famous medicine
Perpetrating like I never seen
Lots of girls, full galore, tons of "bling"
Met the guy said to make it worth his while
Caught up in the scheme he believed their lies Motherfucker! (reply)
Constantly oppressed by their ways,
Running aarons every night, every day
No way

Clowns claimed his soul by default
By then a slave not his fault
I dreamed that the day will come he will be out
Cause I know the brother man inside out
On my knees I pray if I may
Ask the lord above for straight in mind & love

Butterfly girl

Written By: Tony Almonte

It was not harder
Than to rearrange our time
Did not anticipate that
We would spent the night with each other
Who would have thought that we
We would get along so well
So stay right here little butterfly girl

Little butterfly girl
So glad you could swing by
Here's a peek at my here world now
Spread your wings so we can fly together
Having you right here
Makes feel alive
So lay right here little butterfly girl

I must be honest
And just speak my peace to you
It's not the cash that I make
More like the: what I do with my time
Having you right here makes feel alright
So lay right here little butterfly girl

If you would come about & doubt
That I'm not yet undoubted
To the simple thought
Of make love to you constantly
As hard as it would seam
Now I have not a doubt
We'd live out reciprocity
Our reciprocity

21st Century Sista

Written By: Tony Almonte

21st century sistah
Got no man for her, no bothers
Ankles six inch from the ground
Self proclaimed queen
Not cheep by the pound
Legs so long and defined
Vocabulary rich refined
Strutting her stuff, never has enough
Acts quite cool, still she had it rough

21rst century sistah (2x)
Way too cool for the average brother (2x)

Daddy worked hard all his life
26 years still married to his loving wife
Sports cars driving on the weekend
9-5 weekly driving his Mercedes-Benz
Mama at home alone rest assure
Managing bills from the Hills
Shops all day and tans by the pool
Absent tan line one at rule

Girlfriends hanging sharing men
Says she loves one till the end
Won't admit she's sometimes wrong
Claims she's hot, in mind is strong
Single child living life so wild
Walking tall back right to the wall
Strut's her stuff never has enough
Acts quite cool, still she had it rough

Jet set men came from far and wide
Meanwhile, lacking style

Cash in hand busting high demands
Independent from rich descent
It would seem...Brothers ain't got skills
Still while money is in the wallet
So they can pay the Bills
for the 21st century sistah

Be your man

Written By: Tony Almonte

I thought about the way you came into my life
Reminisced about the way you disappeared
(was wrong or right)
Anticipated you would come and spend the
night again
I know you not well enough for me to
understand (understand)
Why can't I be your man?
Where did I go wrong?
Why can't I be your man?
Thought our love was real reel strong
Why can't I be your man?
I thought that we belonged
Why can't I be your man?
Tell me now tell me now
It was the way that it was that night (alright)
The way your flower smiled at me in the
morning (well that was alright to)
As you held my body next to yours
A state of mind, in such I thought that we could
share some more
I'll never forget that night by the water
We shared ourselves as new lovers
Would you blame me now as I reminisce?
The sweetness of our kiss
As we made out in bliss
We made love till the break of dawn
Disregarding your roommate
Woke up feeling great still for work was late
As things progress it should be best
To share a flat for the moment
Later on invest…Why can I…
Be your, be your man
Baby be your, be your man
Be your, be your man
Baby be your, be your man
Baby be your, be your man
Baby be your, be your man


Tony Almonte | Discography

Tony Almonte appears on these recordings

Title/ Year/ Type/ Label/ Producer
See the light (EP) 2000 Sin. Bombay Kemetic Just
Bombay one 2001 Comp. Bombay N. Bhinder/ P. Dream
Watch them come (EP) 2001 Sin. Bombay R. D. jr/ P. E./ F. Blais
Men from the nile (EP) 2001 Bombay R. Davis jr/ P. Everet/ F. Blais
From the Deep (LP) 2001 Album Bombay Fred Evrything
Gavin Froom (EP) 2001 Sin. White label G. Froom/ L. McKeenen
Bombay two 2002 Comp. Bombay N. Bhinder/ P. Dream
Monkey Mass (EP) 2002 Sin. Bombay M. Graca
Monkey Mass (CD) 2002 Album Bombay M. Graca
Earth Dragon (EP) 2003 Sin. Fossilfuel E. Vani aka Rise Ashen
Earth Dragon (CD) 2003 Sin. Fossilfuel E. Vani aka Rise Ashen
M. DÌnverness (EP) 2004 Album EMI L. M. / T. A. / D. S.
Rat Race (EP) 2004 Sin. Pronto M. Graca/ M. Torriero
Montreal Afterdark 2006 Comp. Kinkysweet Jojoflores/ N. Bhinder
Ethnic Heritage Ens. (EP) 2008 Sin. Afrokats K. E'Zabar/ I. Pauly/ K. Moon

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