Tonya Smith

Tonya Smith


Moving rhythms. Compelling lyrics. Soothing and captivating vocals. Propeling melodies that usher you into an enviroment of worship and praise. Grooves that transport you to a place of introspection and yet can still serve as a soundtrack for your everyday encounter. That's my music.


My story is simple. It started before the beginning of things. Even way back then, He told me what I am. I am a vessel. I am a soul-singer, singing messages of hope, truth and things revealed. I sing to listening souls and seeking hearts. I sing about life and what I am learning from it. I tell the story however it needs to be told. I use Gospel, Classical, Jazz, Pop, Rock, R&B, Neo-soul, or Spoken Word to tell the story. Music is a gift to me from the Lord and with His blessing, every time I get a chance; I send it out again as a gift to people who are willing to listen.
I value versatility, so instrumentation and orchestration does not matter. Whether with a full-course band with all the "fixings", or an open one-course mic, I sing to souls. Be it with my own lyrics and melodies or the lyrics and melodies of another, I sing. It is my gift. It is my task. I am a vessel. I am a soul-singer. I sing about the life and the lessons it's teaching me as I am yet being taught by the Creator.


"Sweatin' Me"- radio airplay
"Love Has Rescued Me"- radio airplay

Set List

Typical Set List
15 songs; 60 minutes
(includes songs from "Lyrical Prophecies" CD)
"Do You Really Want Me"
"Speak Lord"
"Finish Line"
"Bangin' Friend"
"Praise Song"
"Choose My Way"
"Love Has Rescued Me"
"The Me He Knows I'll Be"
"Ain't It Funny"
"Sweatin' Me"
"Servin' Notice"
"Serve Him"
"When I Worship"
"Everytime I Get a Chance"