Tonya Ware

Tonya Ware


When you hear her voice, you will wonder why you have not heard it before. Tonya's sound is passionate and inspirational. Her voice will move you!


Tonya started signing when she was six (6) years old. Her dad, who is a minister, would take her with him to local jails. He would let her sing before he preached. As soon as she opened her mouth, the inmates became quiet so that they could hear "the little girl with the amazing voice."

Her songs are real and passionate, and her voice is honest and strong. Tonya's sound will "reach out, move you, and touch your soul." She penned five (5) of the songs on her debut album, and with a blend of Soul, Urban Gospel, and Adult Contemporary, Tonya Ware is "The Voice."

Tonya Hairston Ware is creating a major buzz in the music industry. Her debut CD, Tonya Ware – “The Voice,” has people all over the world taking notice of her talent.

In 2006, the legendary Williams Brothers opened their studio doors to this new singing sensation.
Tonya’s passionate single release, “Put My Hand In Yours,” written by Marvin Winans, is standing-up to some of today’s “hottest” music - both in mainstream and Christian markets. The production and sound quality are second-to-none.

In late January of 2008, “Put My Hand In Yours,” was released to Gospel, Soul, Adult Contemporary, and R&B Radio. During the first week of its radio launch, “Put My Hand In Yours” tied with Alicia Keys’ single, “No One,” for the “Most Added” single on Adult Contemporary Standard Market Radio.

Most recently, the single charted #2 on the cutting-edge American Idol Underground Radio Faith-based charts and #10 on the American Idol Underground Radio R&B Charts. “Put My Hand In Yours” soared all the way to #10 on the Adult Contemporary FMQB Charts and catapulted to #18 on the popular XM Radio Gospel Charts!

Tonya’s music video of “Put My Hand In Yours” is now being featured on BET’s Video Gospel, Music Choice, Gospel Music Channel‘s – “The Kitchen Sink,” Blastro, and The Word Network.

Tonya’s MySpace page is being visited by fans on nearly every continent, and the single is being played by R&R Gospel Radio as well as being released to Urban Adult Contemporary Radio. People everywhere love Tonya’s unique voice, universal sound, and warm spirit.

“Urban Mainstream” Magazine says.......”Her voice is absolutely wonderful and 2008 has great things in store for this new artist!”

“World Voice News” Magazine likens.......Tonya Ware to a “new school” blend of Anita Baker and Gladys Knight!

Tonya is also being featured alongside Rev. Run and Bishop Eddie Long in “Crossroads” Magazine!

Tonya Ware’s music career has truly come a long way since she started singing at the tender age of six (6) in her church and in local jails when her dad went to preach to inmates. For this talented artist with...”The Voice You Have to Hear”...the best is yet to come!

Here is what people are saying!

“Tonya Ware’s music is a fresh breeze ........ Her sound captures you like the sweet smell of honeysuckle after a summer rain….” Percy Davis, Program Director, Power 105.9 WOAD, 2007 Stellar Award Winner Radio Station in Jackson, MS

“Tonya took a classic by Ron Winans and put her own unique touch to it. It's like the song was born again…..” Jay Bryant, XM Satellite Radio - Spirit 33

“I am so impressed with Tonya Ware’s powerful voice, her strength of character, and her commitment to her music ...….” Vernice Watson, The Artist Company International

“Tonya Ware’s project “The Voice” is a must have….” Don Juan Banks, Power 99/Clear Channel in Philadelphia, PA


Put My Hand In Yours

Written By: Marvin Winans

Asking questions like I've never ask before

I'll be expecting answers that will unlock every door

To a new and living way, to serve you better in the future, is the reason I'm here today.

Seeking God ...... I'll be taking heed to the things I do and say.

Offering myself to you - I'm coming to you Jesus, I'm coming as a friend.

Oh - now I see it's you I need and with your help denying self and put my hand in yours.

Taste of Heaven

Written By: Tonya H. Ware

I worship you. I kiss your face.
Then I stand still for your embrace.
We commune, I enjoy your grace.
You accept me in and I am changed.

You let me have a taste of heaven in the holy place I'm free.
Your throne is filled with awesome power and your love comes over me.

Daily I'm drawn into your throne room.
Gently I sit at your feet
I am amazed at your glory
I am transformed and I'm filled with peace.


"New" Single Release - "Put My Hand In Yours."

Her debut album - Tonya Ware - "The Voice"

Set List

Typical set list: Usually 5 to 10 songs -

None Like You
You Came
Put My Hand in Yours
Taste of Heaven
Decorate Your Name
O Zion
Name of Jesus
Hymn Medley

Time: 30 to 60 minutes.