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Too Tight

Written By: Tony Bonfils

Too tight

Too tight
For moving
Too tight
For breathing
That’s right
How can we do ?

We might
Forget it
But there’s no way to get far
Stay where you are
Here in my arms

To night
The stars shine
To night
You’re divine
No light
Would shine so bright

Hold on
Just one more second
You won’t regret
To be with me so tight.


Written By: Tony Bonfils

What now

What now if you're leaving
What more can I say
I thought that my loving
Would keep you from crying

Did I make you suffer
When I was untrue
I only remember
All the things we used to do

Hold on to this moment
Let me remember your smile
Let’s pretend that we’re still lovers
Just before we say good bye

Oh my darling I'm so sorry
Can you ever forgive me
What now if you’re leaving
What’s the hell, who cares