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fast fiona

Written By: t.carling

Fast Fiona (The Flip-over Queen)
(T. Carling)

Now Fiona’s got a job flippin’ burgers and ‘dogs
In a mobile breakfast van
She fills the factory estates with heart attacks on a plate
For the every-day working man
Yeah she looks like a babe with a paper plate
And an egg ‘n bacon roll in ‘er hand
She’s every man’s dream between the burgers and beans
Fiona the Flip-over Queen
She’s the Flip-over Queen
Of a burger supreme
She’s the fittest, fast-food floosey I’ve ever seen
You can ‘have it with sauce – mustard ‘n all
‘N anythin’ you want in between
Take her out on a date ‘n its there on a plate
With Fiona the Fast-Food Queen

Now Fiona’s got a face to launch your heart into space
Her smile must be a mile wild
Her shoulders are square - her beautiful hair
The fly-zapper glow makes it shine
It’s a bleedin’ disgrace to ‘av to stop at her waist
And wonder what her bottom half’s like
She’s every man’s dream between the burgers ‘n beans
Fiona the Flip-over Queen

Silhouetted ‘neath the flouresant lights
She’s a gorgeous, gastronomic delight


Written By: T.carling

(T. Carling)

She can’t climb walls like spiderman
She can’t freekick the way that
Bend-it Beckham can
But she made our house a home
Since Dad left us alone
She’s number 1 – she’s a Supermum

She’ll turn a pound coin into two
She can make you believe that you can
walk on the moon
She does magic you can keep
A miracle a week
She’s number 1 – She’s a Supermum
Now every day she runs her single parent race
Only to find she’s right behind her startin’ blocks again
Though her race is never won, she runs with so much love
She’s number 1 – She’s a Supermum

So mother don’t you ever doubt
Who’s on top of my super-hero cloud
When there’s a sign of rain
You’re there to ease the pain
You’re number 1 – you’re a Supermum


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