Tony Clifton

Tony Clifton


An indierock band known for its explosive and dynamic live show. Has played over 200 gigs in England, Scandinavia and the Baltic countries. The music has a vibe of Radiohead รก 1997 and the melodies are always in focus. Good guys as well with a great sense of humour.


Formed on an island in Sweden in 2002 the band moved straight to London after high school and played there for a year. Returning to Sweden the five-piece was one of the most sought after live acts in the underground music scene of Stockholm and signed with Sony ATV in 2005. After that the group has played about every major festival in Sweden and has toured abroad on several occasions. So far the group has released one ep and two full length albums and to many people Tony Clifton is the finest live band Sweden has to offer.


Tony Clifton EP (ep) - 2006
Alone (single) - 2007
Deliverance (single) - 2008
White Elephant (album) - 2008
All the little shards (single) - 2009
Circles (single) - 2011
At sixes and sevens (album) - 2011
Bodily functions (single) - 2011