Tony Congi

Tony Congi


Contemporary Christian Music with crossover potentials. If you are thinking of God it will fit and if you are thinking of someone special my music will fit there also.


I started writing songs over 30 years ago when I was, and still am, a volunteer leader with an organization called Young Life. Young Life is a nondenominational christian outreach to middleschool & high school aged people. My music has inspired hundreds even thousands to take a deeper look at themselves and their God. Many of my songs are translated into 7 different languages at this time. My music is different in that I write with the whole crowd singing the song with me. I try to use lyrics that reflect where people really live and melodies that are memberable and easy to recreate. My music has been performed in front of crowds as small as 50 to 50,000.


I have 4 CD's at the present time, they are:

Aslan - It's Amazing
Real Love
By Chance

Set List

My typical set list is about 12 to 18 songs depending on the situation at hand. I can also do two sets of 10/12 if there is to be a break if I am the only performer. I've done sets as short as 15 minutes and as long as 2 hours depending on what is needed.