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This is one of the hottest artist to ever come out of Philly. His easy to listen too sound is combined with hard hitting lyrics, punch lines and nothing but the best lyrical content. People need to keep their ears to the sky cause this kid is on the rise.


During the spring season of May in the late 80's TONY DANZA was born in the southern state of Texas. Shortly after his birth, his family moved to Philly where he lived a modest life' His family life changed dramatically when at the age of 8, his mother left his family. His father, a minister; was forced to constantly move from state to state, chasing jobs to support his family. At such a young age he was unable to truly understand the impact his life situation would have on his exsistance. To him, it seemed all was lost until he found out that he wasn't the only one with a hard knock life. The music late Notorius B.I.G and Tupac inspired him to bcome what he is today.


Money and What Makes You Think(featuring D.Goode)