Tony Darren McCarthy with Extreme Caution

Tony Darren McCarthy with Extreme Caution


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"The Beer Song" (I.m Not Here for the Love, I'm Here for the Beer)

Written By: Tony McCarthy/Tim Gardner

Well it's friday night, the local Cherokee
I'm steppin' out, just the fella's and me
We're gonna have a few beers and talk about all
the good times that we've had

Now, my baby don't care if I go out alone
She knows I ain't gone do nothin' wrong
I ain't goin' out lookin' for love...
I'm goin' out for a beer!

I'm not here for the love, I'm here for the Beer
So just go and throw your ropes around some other
unsuspectin' steer
There's a fine lookin' congregation
of the female poulation, but let's get one thing clear
I didn't come out here lookin' for love
I just came out for a beer

Well, the clock on the wall says it's ten til ten
There's more beauties in here than at MGM
and there's a blond headed hoochie-mama
Makin' eyes at me

But I'll just sit here with all my friends..
Bud, and Miller, and Heineken
I didn't come out here lookin' for love
I just came out for a beer!


Copyright 2001 Tony McCarthy/Tim Gardner

The Little Things

Written By: Tony McCarthy/Tim Gardner

I'm writing this song to myself
To make sure I don't forget
It's the small things in life, those little things
That make all of this worth it

I don't need material things
To give me all that life can bring
It's the Little things

A cool breeze through the screen at night
Dew on the grass in the morning light
A kiss on the cheek , a warm embrace
A walk in the woods to a quiet place
The smell of rain on a summer's day,
puppies breath, and fresh cut hay
The sound of kids playing in the living room
And saturday morning cartoons
It's the Little Things

I'm writing these words to myself
To make sure I remember this
In each day of my life, I can find one little thing
That I would have hated to miss

And when this world has set me free
The only things I'll take with me are
The Little Things

Papaw's jokes and mammaw's laughter
Stories ending happily ever after
Ridin' the field on the tailgate of my Papa's truck
Barefeet draggin' stirrin' up the dust
Drifting snow, and falling leaves
The warmth in your heart on Christmas Eve
The look of joy on a baby's face
And the smell of Mama's pillow case
It's the Little Things

Hold on to the Little Things

Repeat Chorus'

Copyright 2001 Tony McCarthy/ Tim Gardner