Tony Day

Tony Day

 Toronto, Ontario, CAN

Tony Day is a man out of time. Up at the crack of dawn he works high above the streets of Toronto, baking in the hot sun, repairing the roofs that protect us from falling stars. By night he rides his motorcycle through simpler times, with his dream girl holding so tightly. They dance, dance, dance the night away with Barbara Ann and Suzie Q. When morning comes, Tony only has inspiration for the songs he writes to remind him of his double life.


Last Revised May 27, 2014


After a long stint in juvi detention, rock and roll legend to be Tony Day is celebrating his freedom with his debut album Fuzzy Dice. Filled with non-stop catchy, 1950's influenced rock and roll music, Tony will take you on an adventure back to simpler times. Fast cars, first dates, wild dance parties, dream girls and boys from the wrong side of town; Fuzzy Dice is a roller coaster ride from start to finish. So pull up your bobby socks, rev up the hot-rod, grab your leather jacket and enjoy the ride!

Set List

1. Dance Dance Dance

2. Little Sue

3. Lucky Charm

4. Drive

5. Love Is In Dreams

6. More Than Friends

7. Stephanie

8. First Date

9. The Rock n' Roll

10. Roofing

11. Canada's Wonderland

*All song can be performed solo or as a full band.

**All Songs written by Tony Day & Todd Elslinger.