Tony DeSantis

Tony DeSantis

 Collingswood, New Jersey, USA

Contemporary Singer songwriter in the style of Ralph Mctell, Stan rogers and Gordon Lightfoot.


TONY DE SANTIS is the remarkable tunesmith who wriites whimsical songs supported by solid guitar work. He has performed in clubs in and around Philadelphia, New York, Toronto, Montreal, Nova Scotia, Phoenix, Nashville, Houston, London (england), Melbourne and Sydney Australia. He wrote music for the South Camden Theatre Production "Acts of War". His song "take Command" was used by the Northeast Philadelphia chapter of the John Kerry presidential campaign. His songs from his latest album, "Across the Border", have been heard on radio stations in New York, Massachusetts, Nevada, California, Quebec, Ontario, New JErsey and Israel. His spng "Ballinamuck was selected for Celtic Radio, and his song "Big REd CArds, has been heard on the popular program, "Car Talk" on NPR.NPR



Written By: Tony DeSantis


I ws at the desk on Cathedral Street
A neighbor rang the alarm
A dodgy chap in Wooloomooloo
Had finally bought the farm
They say he’s been a smuggler
In the field of rare bird eggs
Some angry client ripped his side
And shattered his legs.

A bloody mess the ambos said
As they carried him to the morgue.
Wounds like this The coroner said
He’d never seen before
Was he a gambler with too many losses
Did he try to run away
Did someone send a serious man
Against a bloke who couldn’t pay?

No it was a cassowary
Come too close, you’ll be her quarry
Bite and kick will make you sorry
You ever met a cassowary

A cassowary’s a flightless bird
And really not too bright
She’s feet that kick like machetes
And a nearly deadly bite.
Come near her nest, she’ll attack
Like a harpy in the night
If you see her on the left
Start running to the right.

You better fear for the cassowary
A bird from hell or from Purgatory
Maybe escaped from a laboratory
you can’t tell with a cassowary

They think he crossed the Harbor Bridge
Drove to Toranga Park
Found himself a hiding place
And waited until dark.
He went into the mad bird’s pen
And stole a couple eggs
The mad bird’s beak ripped his side
And the kick fractured his legs

He was killed by a cassowary
who was defending her territory
Never got to say he’s sorry
For messing with a cassowary

The sun is shining on Luna Park
And Parramatta Bay
The dodgy chap lies in a crypt
Along the Western motorway.
The chicks out of the stolen eggs
play with mummy ‘neath the stars
The killer of that dodgy chink is safely behind bars

So beware the cassowary
If you don’t you’ll be her quarry
A bite and kick will make you sorry
Y’ ever mess with a cassowary.

Don’t mess with a cassowary
When she’s defending her territory
If you do you’ll be her quarry
So don’t mess with a cassowary

Copyright 2010 by Tony DeSantis


Written By: Tony DeSantis

The timberman steps from out of the mine
And shakes the coal dust from his hair
He opens the door at the break of day
When Easter’s fresh in the air
His back’s been scrubbed of the dust of the coal
His shirt is as white as te snow.
The loaves are set to be taken to church
Where he is preparing to go

To go to the church in the bright morning air
While the children are still in their beds
No one can eat from table or trough
‘Til the blessings are poured on the breads

Now the man from the mine is on his way home
After all the prayers have been said
The smile on his kids as he comes to the door
Would bring anyone back from the dead.
The timberman knows about the depths of the tomb
So “Christos Voskreius”* He says
For Easter’s real in his body and bone
As he strides in the light of the day

Repeat Chorus

His greetings have power unknown to the priest
Who’s never been down in the hole.
Or washed Easter eve, the coal from his chest
And rinsed all the sins from his soul
So hail to the timberman down in the mine
Who gives easter its chance every day
For he holds up the weight of the tomb with his hands
So his brothers can rise from the clay.

Repeat Chorus twice

* “Christ is Risen” in Russian.

Bright Red Sky

Written By: Tony DeSantis

Plattsburgh is cold tonight
Colder than my place in PA
The snow comes around Halloween
And it stays ‘til the first of May
Got some food, filled up my tank
One more cup of ‘jo’.
Then I’m down the road, up the ramp
and north on ‘87 I go.

And the Bright Red Sky looms in the North
Draws me ‘cross the Line
I feel so Good, I almost forget
The girl who stayed behind

Ville Marie, Champs de Mars
La Place Cartier
Jean Talon et St. Hubert
Le Palais de Congres
Toujours Partout, on parle francais
But no one speaks my tongue,
Except for those students from McGill
Who don’t care for where I’m from.

And the brighrt red Sky just fades to black
And leaves me ‘cross the line
The aching for that girl back home
Gets stronger all the time.

Metro Stops, under ground malls
Strip joints down the stairs
So many places to spend my money
More than this wallet can bear
The bookstores and record shops
Have stuff I can’t get at home
Crescent Street is alive tonight
And yet I feel alone

Le Ciel lumineux m’ecrire
Du nord de Saguenay
Mais ma chere, elle habite du sud
Aujourdhui chez lui j’irai

That bright red sky cries out to me
From north of Saguenay
But the girl I love lives in the south
And that’s where I’m heading today.


Written By: Tony Desantis and Michael Doyle

A fox came up at twilight and sniffed the evening air
The smell of smoke and slaughter was heavy everywhere
Little creatures looked bewildered where the corpses lay around
So fearfully they darted back to the peace of underground
Because the cosmic order buckled in Ballinamuck that day
Mo bhron, mo bhron, ‘s trocaire De*
Was all anyone could say.

The French men had surrendered to the Saxon’s upper hand
And were granted honored passage to their respected native land
But the Irish lads with pitchforks were butchered in the bog
Five hundred men in terror saw swift passage to their God.
And hundreds more in nearby towns were slaughtered the next day
Mo bhron, mo bhron, ‘s trocaire De
Was all anyone could say.

Hope died in Ballinamuck and never came to life
For one united Ireland with no religious strife
The dream of Roddy McCorley and Theobald Wolfe Tone
The resurrection of unity with the movement of a stone
But those dreams that died in Longford are still so far away
Mo bhron, mo bhron, ‘s trocaire De
Was all anyone could say.

George Blake, the Irish leader, was hanged with all the rest
Though a Gunner called Magee was Cuchulain at his best
But the blood of ‘98 flowed into Patrick Pearse’s veins
The way the blood of Christian is transformed into gains
Or terror into beauty as Yeats was forced to say
Mo bhron, mo bhron, ‘s trocaire De
Was all anyone could say.

Local people crept in fear with some to watch and warn
As they took the corpse of General Blake to McKenna’s humble barn
And there in Killtycreevagh they waked him where he lay
And prayed their Se do Bheata Muire** until near the break of day
Only Mary at the cross could know their sorrow and dismay
Mo bhron, mo bhron, ‘s trocaire De
Was all anyone could say.

At last they took his corpse to Tubberpatrick’s holy ground
Put grassy clods upon his grave so his body wasn’t found.
How many wide-eyed youths since the Rising back in May
Were heaped in holes together with no blessing on the clay
Or desecrated on the field in the madness of the fray.
Mo bhron, mo bhron, ‘s trocaire De
Was all anyone could say.

Now the eyes of dawn are opening and weeping makes them red
And mist has veiled the pallor in the faces of the dead
The little birds at Ballinamuck have flown in fear away.
The robbin’s breast is crimson wet where she touched the reddened clay
And no note or song of morning rose to greet the starting day
Mo bhron, mo bhron, ‘s trocaire De
Was all anyone could say.
And no note or song of morning rose to greet the starting day
Mo bhron, mo bhron, ‘s trocaire De
Was all anyone could say.
Mo bhron, mo bhron, ‘s trocaire De
Was all anyone could say.

Irish: *My sorrow, my sorrow, o mercy of God!
**Hail Mary

I love you still

Written By: Tony DeSantis

I went into the shopping mall on Valentine’s Day
Stopped at the play where they sell fancy lingerie
Checking out the panties, the gowns and the brassirere’s
Started feeling feelings that I hadn’t felt in years
That’s when I saw the perfect present for you
It was a medium size teddy – hot pink too
So I Had the lady wrap it up in ribbons of lace.
Put it on my VISA then I ran out of the place.
Went into a stationary store to get a card
So many choices this decision was hard.
But then I saw a card that made me smile, made me giggle
Said, “I love you still…I love you when you wiggle”

I love you still I love you when you wiggle
You make me so hot when your hips and thighs jiggle
You flash me a mile and I’m soaring like an eagle
I love you still ,I love you when you wiggle.

We exchanged presents on Valentine’s Eve
We had ourselves a night you just can not believe
You gave me a pair of maroon boxer briefs.
I gave your present then we slid between the sheets
And when we were finished you were smiling I was giggling
I love you still I love it when you’re wiggling.


2nd chorus:
I love you still, I love it when you’r jiggly
Makes me plumper than a pork roll you pick up at Piggly-Wiggly
You’re sweeter than the gum that’s sold by Philip Wrigley
I love you still…UI love you when you wiggle.

Psalm 136

Written By: Bible and Tony DeSantis

Give thanks to the One for He is good
His Mercy endures forever
The God of God and Lord of Lords
His love will never end
The One who does great works perform
Who in his wisdom the heavens formed
Who made the mountains and sandy shore
And that would have been enough

Who put up in the sky great lights
The sun for day, moon and stars for night
And gave us eyes to enjoy the sight

With a mighty hand and an outstretched arm
Put to death the Pharoah’s first born
Who set us free the very next morn

He split the Reed Sea right in two
Drowned the Egyptians and pulled us through
Brought forth manna from the morning dew

Gave meat each night from the tender quail
Sustained us for 40 years without fail
Made those Canaanite kings turn tail

Struck down those kings with a mighty hand
Delivered us into Canaan’s land
Remembering when we weren’t free men

Brought us out of slavery
Freed us from our enemies
Found a home for us and our posterity

[repeat first stanza]


Written By: Tony DeSantis

White Phosphorus on Fallujah
Sears both friend and foe
It’s how we save Iraqis
We kill them as we go
Armor shields the body
But it can’t protect the brain
There’s wounded men in Walter Reade
Who’ll never work again

Concrete dust in the lung
Fear in the heart
Anger Grief strengthen belief
In presidents who start
Global wars on terror
And Iraq under their breath
Their war plans smell of Oil
Their politics smell of death

White phosphorus falls on Fallujah
As concrete dust falls on New York
A nation falls into confusion
And hatred falls on the Earth

This so-called Christian nation
Which knows “Thou shalt not Kill”
Has the world’s largest army
Sees war as some cheap thrill
Just A Newshour extravaganza
Of napalm shot and lead
It’s cause we don’t hear the wounded
And we don’t see the dead

Repeat chorus

Don’t talk about resurrection
Of Easter or Christmas time
Don’t speak about salvation
In a land that’s lost its mind
We must speak of repentance
Ask forgive us lord instead
For using the bomb and bullet
On the occupied and dead.

Repeat Chorus

a Soldier's Prayer

Written By: Tony DeSantis

Beneath the thunder of the guns
As I lead my men against the Huns
I am so alone and so weak and scared
And I wonder how I ever dared
To accept the task of leading them

I wonder and worry and then I pray
To the God who takes men’s pain away
That in my daily fight with fear
Draw near, Oh God, draw near

Make me more willing to obey
Help me to merit my command
And if this be my fatal day
Reach out to me your helping hand

For these men of mine must never know
How much afraid I really am
Please help me to stand up[ against the foe
So the will say “Here was a man”

(Repeat third and fourth stanza)


Bright Red Sky
Across the Border

Set List

Big Red Cars
Pigeon Bones
Bright Red Sky
Give the Fiddler a Dram
Take it from Day to Day
I Love you Still