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Tony Dez

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Tony Dez, flips reggaeton in a all new direction. Recognized as a refreshing sound to the genre by some top Urban and Latin artists such as Psycho Realm, Mimz, Tito el Bambino & Paul Wall. Tony Dez connects Latin people together, Tony Dez is the Latin Communicator.


The soldier for the people, the “The Latin Communicator” dealt the harsh reality that when you’re a threat you’re silenced. Tony Dez grew up on the streets of EAST LA, but returned to El Salvador to follow in the steps of political protest that saw several attempts on his family in order to silence them. Feeling unsafe in his homeland, Tony Dez settled in Canada.

Bringing his influence of both the Westcoast and his Saldovarian roots, Tony Dez has garnered the International street credit. As one of the top Latin Urban talents to be coming out of Canada, Tony Dez is stepping forth and presenting his first solo LP, "Conquistando America".

“My difference is leaving an impression for the people.”

Being a winner of Hip Hop Forever competition, Tony Dez as moved forth becoming a spokesperson for the Quebec Latin Community in cooperation with Heritage Canada & the 1st Latin Canadian to headline the Unity Tour. JokerBrand clothing sponsors Tony Dez & past releases include
“Smoked & Blessed” featuring the hit single “Hit the Streets”.

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• "Conquistando America" Upcoming Release (2008)

• Tony Dez "El Mixtape" (2007)
15 000 Copies Downloaded

• "Tony Dez" Self Titled EP (2006)

• Smoked n Blessed "Hit the streets" EP (2003)

• Smoked n Blessed
"For The Ones Who Hate Us & The Ones Who Still Wit Us" EP (2001)


Set List

set usually includes 7 songs and last approximately 30-45 minutes

1.La revelacion
2. Real City Champ
3. Historia de ayer
4.La carta
5.Puro Basil
6.El Trago
7.El Pandillero