Tony Ferrari

Tony Ferrari

 Los Angeles, California, USA

Inspired by legends such as Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye and Al Greene, this 22 year old California native brings a youthful, yet refreshingly classy perspective to his unique and energetic blend of soul and pop.


Growing up, I always knew my Grandpa as a published poet and it was he who inspired me and taught me to love writing. Throughout my years of school, I played every sport and practiced every pastime known to man, but I knew my greatest passion was for writing. High school was a hard time for me as I moved from a small private middle school, and I found myself eating lunch in the library with my earphones in and a book for most of my Freshman year. That is where I learned to love music and really developed my writing. I remember the first time I heard Nat King Cole in that library. That’s when I knew I had to sing.

I have no background or formal training in music, but I was and continue to be inspired by the legends in Soul and Pop - Sam Cooke, Marvin Gaye, Al Greene – they all taught me to create from the heart. I picked up the guitar at 16 and started singing at 18, and that’s when I began writing my own music. I am inspired by life, love, happiness and relationships. I find inspiration in my own experiences with love – finding it, being in it, losing it, and the crazy journey of self-discovery that comes with it.  

I began the process of my new album, 'Gentleman,' over two years ago. It is a compilation of songs that really hold true to who I am as an artist. The message I want to spread through this album is that everyone deserves to be loved and respected. In a time when a lot of music is demeaning to women, and people in general, I want to create something that reminds you that you always deserve the best. I teamed up with talented producer Max Allyn and made a record that I am incredibly excited about and proud of.

Whether you’re a guy, a girl, young or old, I hope you can listen to my songs and feel like you have someone who understands you. Most important, I hope I make you smile.

Stay Happy!


'Gentleman' - Sophomore album released April, 2014

'Signs' - Debut album released in April, 2012