Tony Font Show

Tony Font Show


Tony Font Show are a fierce mashing of funk rock, disco metal and dirty grooves. Irresitable, insatiable and totally inescapable, you only have to hear them once before you're coming back for more.


Tony Font Show have been moving Australian audiences since their inception in 2005. This particular four piece have something that many of their contemporise just seem to be lacking, in that Tony Font Show write shit hot music, and know how to whip an audience into a frenzy. With a strong focus on musicianship and theatrics, it's Tony Font Show's live performances that have led to such a loyal and dedicated fan base that continues to grow across the nation. It’s not all about live performances though. Tony Font Show have thrice recorded their music for the consumption of the masses. Most recently, their single 'Selfish in Bed' and recent EP release 'Secret Steps' were recorded in Studios 301 Byron Bay with the production of Paul Pilsneniks, and mastered in New York by Sterling Sound's Leon Zervos. This working culmination of great music, timely releases, hard work and a strong consortium of creative crew has seen Tony Font Show rise from the obscurity of Adelaide's humble suburbs, to perform at some of Australia's hottest venues, festivals and gigs.


Tony Font Show - Self Titled EP 2005: Independant

Tony Font Show - Secret Steps 2006: MGM
distribution, received airplay on Australia's Triple J network, and local state radio nationally.

Tony Font Show - Selfish in Bed 2007: to be released.

Set List

All original songs, set times ranging from 30-120 minutes.