Tony Gallo Group/Project

Tony Gallo Group/Project


The TG Group plays original compositions and cool renditions of covers/standards. The musicianship, creativity and peformance skills are top-notch. TG Group can move effortlessly into a jam like band as well as a slick vegas type act and everything in between.


Tony and his group's musicology is strong and varied. The underlying feel is always soul. With all of us being raised on all kinds of music over the years, and having played with such recording artists as E,W&F (early years), Kevin Eubanks, Aretha Franklin, David Johansen, etc. the result is awesome. The sound of the band can be semi- acoustic to a full pop production and anything in between. The original music is like Leon Russell meets Ray Charles meets Stevie Wonder meets Bob Marley (you decide).


Start Over

Written By: Carlan

Start Over

Intro- Start Over, leave love behind

Start over, leave love behind
It’s over, precious is time
You’re older, with mountains to climb
Start Over……………..

A young man has the pleasure
To take life at his leisure
But often times in boyish haste
He’ll waste hose years we treasure

A second chance is hard to find
When it comes make up your mind
Start again, don’t fall behind
You’ve mountains still to climb (vocal fills)

Repeat bridge
Modulate- Repeat 2nd verse
Vamp out w/ vocal fills…

You Were Someone Else

Written By: Geyer/Brook

It’s raining in LA, you’re sitting next to me
On an eastbound plane, ending this journey
You act as if you know me, don’t pretend you care
Please don’t bore me, just sit there and stare

It’s a long fly back to Boston, silence is divine
There’s nothing you can do
To make me change my mind
There’s one face in front of you, one face in back
I Just can’t tell who slipped right through?
My trust in you? I wish I knew

Chorus- You were someone else 2x
I blame it on myself…i couldn’t see
You were someone else

I need to fight on through this
Hearts don’t heal that fast
Remember what you had told me
Our love would always last
I know you move on easy, once I set you free
It’s not that simple for me:
When you knew, I trusted you, I wish I knew

Double Chorus


Something To Say (check out on CD Baby), Take Four Sampler, EP. Others on other artists/record label's compilations; such as Maestros Of Cool, Steely Dan Tribute album on ESC records in Germany. I've received some regional airplay for debut album, Something To Say; my renditions of jazz & jazz/blues standards. Sound samples also on

Set List

Set list always changes. It's usually comprised of Originals, R. Charles, Stevie, reggae, funk, jazz ala Ellington, M. Davis, blues and latin/calypso.