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I go forward and back to the core of rock and pop; innovation and fun. I create rockin' world beat ambient literate pulsing joy. Floydian Eno Santana Zep Mel Brooks influenced explorations in modern sound. I also play with words and write inspiring, clever, and down to earth lyrics.


I am a world traveler with an ear for combining various tones, tunes, and beats from multiple genres. I enjoy ambient and world beat, and grew up with a healthy dose of Chicago Blues music. I am a multimedia artist and writer; a Fulbright Scholar, with an MFA in screenwriting from UCLA.


A Malibu Ocean Dream

Written By: Tony Kellam

She drifts along so peacefully

He sings a song so easily

She laughs with him so beautifully

He moves within so he can see

He draws her star so magically

She makes his moon so naturally

chorus - adagio tempo

Topanga Canyon by the sea, a dreamtime kiss beyond 3-D

A journey to the start, edge of the knowing chart

Run so close move apart, the motion of the heart

Topanga Canyon sets you free, the sun it sets, beyond you see

end chorus

See you cry by the stony stream

Your tears melt away like icey cream

Above the sky, the Luna beams

A miracle in the machine

A sandcastle supreme

Malibu Ocean, is there any other kind of dream

Malibu sweet ocean dream

I think you know just what I mean

~ Amen © 2008

Girl on my face!

Written By: Tony Kellam

Clock is broke ain't no joke

Got no pride preoccupied

About to boil in turmoil

Mind is fried unsatisfied

Can't break free I can't see

In a haze, lost in a maze

Smell your breath feel high on meth

Give my all to hear you call

Look my way feel okay

Walk right by gotta cry

On my knees implore you please--

No time to waste, come sit on my face

No time to waste, come sit on my face


My tongue is tired yes it is, wanna taste your hot cream fizz

No time to waste, just come sit down on my face!

Beautiful Baghdad Bullet

Written By: Tony Kellam

It's so hard to tell

If she's my angel or your hell

She brings her song of sorrow

Taking away your tomorrow

She's my electric vision

Vagabond on a mission

Gonna bury you in the sand

My bitch will find your ass

No runnin' back to Tehran

This game's the deadly deal

You gonna feel it for real

She's my hardcore siren

Arena stompin' your horizon

In whispered dreams she burns

Her power, you gonna learn

She yowls a rainbow wrought iron fire

She builds a blazing hot funeral pyre

She raises my confidence!

I feel Divine Providence!

The bullet that will kill me is not yet cast,

The bullet made for you is coming fast!

Big bad body buster gonna smoke you out (big blue 82)

You fallin' down!

Like a Halleburton house--head on a Guiness stout

I'm a force to be reckoned with, a megalithic monster myth

Time for you to check out, my beautiful Baghdad bullet

She's the angel from hell you just can't see--

My beautiful Baghdad bullet.

Hey Hey & Holy Cow!

Written By: tony kellam


Dawn is breaking on a new day
Sun is rising all the way
What a night, such a fight
Now the time is right
A hundred years of fun
We're finally number one

Hey hey and holy cow, Cubs are gonna win it here and now

From the Northside of Chicago
On the streets web and radio
Gonna jump gonna holler
Like we're ten feet taller
Gettin' mighty proud
Come and say it loud

Hey hey and holy cow, Cubs are gonna win it here and now!

From The Checkerboard Lounge to Capone's Green Mill
Won't you take a chance and enjoy the thrill
If you don't believe, well, in time you will
The cat changed color and the goat's on the grill

Hey hey and holy cow, Cubs are gonna win it here and now!

Ain't nothing dearly true
As a field of green and Cubby Blue
A mighty nice paradise
Got the beer on ice (bubbly, champagne, brut)
Gonna strut with style
On the shiny Mag Mile

Hey hey and holy cow, Cubs are gonna win it here and now!

Well, it's gonna go mighty fast
Like a bigtime walk off blast
Don't take time to blink
Don't ya start to think
Get your party shoes on,
Do the Chytown Shuffle and the shimmy doo wah!

Tony Kellam ©2008

A Sponky place to be

Written By: Tony Kellam

This is a jazzy experimental instrumental electronica song that has no ties to a specific genre except maybe ambient rock. Hope you enjoy!


I created a soundtrack for a short CGI/live action film, "ForeverYours." (see

Set List

A Malibu Ocean Dream, A Sponky place to be, Girl on My Face, Beautiful Baghdad Bullet, Never Doubt Yourself, Desert Dream, OrgasmiGips, among others.