Tony Lanni

Tony Lanni

 North Providence, Rhode Island, USA

A songwriter musician from New England w/regional airplay, studio & live experience. I write all styles, mainly pop, rock & top40. I'm seeking publishing 4 break-out & nat’l artists. I creatively mix topics while keeping it familiar, clever like Diane Warren, always striving 2 deliver a real HOOK!


I have been writing complete radio-friendly songs, both music & lyrics since 5th grade, and playing drums since 3rd. Because music is my religion, in the studio I am able to lay down an album entirely by memory; that is without anyone else playing along. I am well grounded & down to Earth. I have recorded & toured with a regionally successful band: FRENZY. Believe it or not, you will find our CD’s selling on Ebay Europe from time to time (like Hasselhoff!). I know everyone says this, but I also produce & arrange music. I have extensive studio & live touring experience. I am just as comfortable on-stage as I am behind a console or drum kit. I write many varied & diverse styles, some are rock tunes best sung by dudes, others are pop songs better sung by chics. One setback I have about today's music & record companies is this: years ago, artists were able to release say five albums, so their music became better as they matured & progressed. Today, they're lucky to get past their second album. Any potential they *may* have had never had the chance to be developed. I say this because you should give most of my body of work a listen as it varies greatly. Some of my recordings are completely polished productions, others are scratch tracks & many are still on paper. My influences are varied & diverse: Pop Radio Top-40, Sheryl Crow, Lily Allen, The Beatles, Prince, Madonna, Liz Phair, Zep, Hard Rock, Dance, Beonce, Freestyle, Punk, 80's, R&B Soul & country. I just love music, GOOD Music!


Spring Break

Written By: Tony Lanni

Spring Break - The Official Anthem of Spring Break - Everywhere!
by Tony Lanni

One by One
They’re lying in the sun
And walking on the beach
You look good enough to eat

They're partying at noon
And underneath the moon
I wish it would never end
You got a real cute friend

As soon as I touched down
I got blown away at all the site & the sound

(don't you know we were at)
Spring Break, Spring Break
Always looking like a sunny day, sunny day
We'll be sipping drinks & feeling great, feeling great
It's our own holiday, holiday
(we were partying at)
Spring Break, Spring Break
Always feeling like a summer day, summer day
I don't care if those are real or fake
Just wanna say that you look so great

Underneath the sun
We're having so much fun
The music's playing loud
As we slip into the crowd
So meet me really late
And please don't make me wait
Cos we'll all be leaving soon
What's the number to your room

The party never ends
I did bong hits with your sister
Skinny dipped with your friend

(she was partying at)
[Repeat CHORUS]

I'm too wired up, I can't get to sleep
When there's girls at the clubs & cars on the beach
Miles of tanned skin in their string bikinis
I wanna eat 'em up every girl that I see
Belly button rings on centerfold bods
Girls keep flashin & it's gettin so hard
So come back to my hotel room with me
And maybe we'll see ourselves on MTV!

[Repeat CHORUS]
Oh from day into the night
It feels so right
You gotta stay with me tonight
The party never ends at Spring Break

Where R U Now

Written By: Tony Lanni

Inside a voice comes alive
In my heart & mind again & again
And time is never on my side
I guess it’s just a memory how things were then

When I look into the mirror
Even now I swear you’re still in my eyes

Where Are You Now
Where Are You Now

Dreams are all that I have
I see you & me together alone
Then I wake up & you’re so far away
I guess you still got my number
I wish you’d call but you don’t


Now that the story is over
You forget how the story began
How could you forget the making love
When I can’t forget just holding your hand
Sorry I ran but you scared me
When you taught me to care
Now I drive by the house where I spent so many nights
But you’ll never be there


Late sometime I get crazy
I call your old number
But someone different answers
Only God knows where you are
But I just sit here wondering
Will I ever hold you again


Bad Seed

Written By: Tony Lanni

The fog rise on an autumn moon
Hold your breath don’t you make a move
Stars in line Halloween
Take some for nothing baby
Keep ourselves clean

Hey, my blood’s boiling
Hey, my head pounds inside
Can someone stop me
Before I get out of line

Lips moist thoughts obscene
Don’t scream loud baby
My knife cuts clean
Oh my pleasure
Feel the pain
Can someone stop me
Before I kill again

Shadows grow behind me
Voices call my name
Can anyone here stop me
Before I kill again

They say that crime don’t pay
I’ll make the headlines
I’ll be the talk of the town
Before they bring me down

I can’t sit here
I cannot move
I’ve got so much pain
I wanna kill again
Feel the thrill of death

Repeat, ad-lib

If U Like It Hot

Written By: Tony Lanni

I’m sick of digging my own hole
You just don’t understand
People call me crazy, I won’t conform
That’s just the way I am

Red hot lips & eyes as blue as the sky
I can’t wait to take you home tonight

All the walls around me
Could crush & tumble down
Not a single soul would give a shit
If I was six feet underground


If You Like It Hot – Don’t Be Shy
If You Want It Hot – Step Inside

You know sometimes when the lights go down
My mind starts playing tricks
And before I arrive half alive
I just need a little fix like this

Falling Back Again

Written By: Tony Lanni

Whatever happened to the times we got high
Higher than the sky and just on getting by
You shined a light so bright you know I must’ve been blind

Falling Back Again
I’m Falling Back Again
Once Again

Whatever happened to that look in yo eye
When you said fight to survive for a piece of the pie
Good times came calling, don’t know where you were then
Now I’m stuck in the middle and I’m fucked up again

Sooner or later through fate you will stand

Thought I started off right
Went too fast for more than awhile
I learned the best things in life move slow

Whatever happened to that look in yo eye
When you said fight to survive for a piece of the pie
Good times came calling, don’t know where you were then
Now I know where I am, still right here falling back again…

I Went up against the wind
End up right back where I’ve been

Ooh, Ooh Fallin’, Fallin’ (Ad Lib, repeat)

Popular Car

Written By: Tony Lanni

When I first took you out
Wasn’t too hard to see what you were about
You say I got the farthest for the first time
Then you say you think we’re moving much too slow

Now you see me driving along
Animal instinct is coming on strong
Suddenly I feel more than that
You stop the car and you jump on my lap, inside your…

Popular Car
Baby’s got a Popular Car
Baby C’mon
Start it up and turn me on

Driving along on this wide open road
The feeling’s I get are so hard to control
Ideas are endless like the street we’re on
And this is one so there’s no need to stop now

The music’s playing but it’s boring inside
I’m not complaining when I’m by your side
But times are changing and the slow time’s died
You know you’re fast so let’s go for a ride, inside your…


Give me the keys I’m gonna start up the car
Better be ready ‘cos I plan to go far
The seats reclining and the music’s high
The car’s in park, we’re still taking a ride


(Pre-Chorus, lines 1 & 4 only)

(Chorus break)
(Chorus repeat)

Dirty Dreams

Written By: Tony Lanni

It’s a hot night in my sleep
Trying to wake from this heavy dream
It comes on quickly, the dirtiest things
The kind of picture on the silver screen

Spiked heels, leather n chains
Hot tub mamas with a fetish for pain
D-cups, handcuffs, ten at a time
Black, white, oriental – all kinds

Now I’m in deep
There’s no waking up
My body’s filled with lust
And I can’t find love

Dirty Dreams running away with my brain
Dirty Dreams getting my ride on the porno train

As I sit on down this girl’s hand goes up my thigh
Go for the vibes I’m throwing off
You know baby you won’t ask why

Hot lust, the sweetest screams
Haunted by the cover of a magazine
She says smut’s gonna bring my fall
But this is one nightmare I don’t mind at all


Long legs well maintained
My heart’s burning in a rage
Nothing to lose, just my life
Oh all night
She says c’mon, move closer
Then I wake


Far Away

Written By: Tony Lanni

Pape what’s on your mind
Pape you gonna leave us all behind
What happened to those crazy dreams
You showed us success ain’t all that it seems
Pape you’ve gone too far

We could have it all but you let it go
You closed your eyes and nobody saw
The pain you inflicted on my soul
Scars that never show

Far Away - You were my best friend
But you ran Far Away

My back’s to the crowd and I’m walkin
I’m standing tall with my head on the wind
There’s a man to the side who’s familiar
And I’m getting that feeling again
Good bye – You’ve gone too far

Won’t you stand by my side and keep me company
My mind goes blank in the middle of the night
And I’m drowned in misery
Good bye – You’ve gone too far


[Repeat Second Verse, Pre-Chours, Chorus]

Runnin Outta Patience

Written By: Tony Lanni

Picked myself up from my own self ruin
Dust off my clothes cos something’s brewin
Sun hits my skin & a new day says hey
Put your ass in gear something’s different today

Gonna take a vacation from this state I’m in
I’m on a ride to the top but here it comes again

Livin a lie dressed in leather
Been so down don’t even hear about the weather
Your day will come every dog has its day
Got nowhere to run have no place to stay


Runnin Outta Patience
It’s too late Lord there ain’t no way out
Come down – it’s a state of mind





Of the over 150 songs, the majority of material I have actually released was with Frenzy. Some of it received regional radio play and there is streaming audio available as well. Please give it a listen.

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I write all original material covering a wide range of topics, all of it I try to be sure it's creative, interesting and at the very least considered to be good.