tony marriott

tony marriott


new guitar based indie rock. emphasis on song writing and arrangements. fans of the beatles, elliot smith, death cab for cutie, nada surf, radiohead, badly drawn boy, coldplay will enjoy this artist.


Vancouver based singer/songwriter Tony Marriott writes songs that linger in the mind long after the last note and hold a depth that demands repeated listening. He has a defiantly honest lyrical style, backed by his own unique brand of guitar playing and writing, that comes from years of experience. A veteran bassist with a sordid musical past, Tony began playing in various lineups inspired by 60’-70’s Brit-rock. Especially the Beatles and Led Zeppelin. He then attended music school, M.I. in Los Angeles CA were he roomed and played in several bands with the late Jeff Buckley and later, Berklee College of Music in Boston MA. Eventually this led to touring with several high profile rhythm and blues act’s across the U.S and Canada, and also becoming a long time resident of San Francisco’s eclectic avant-garde scene. All this brought Tony back full circle, to Vancouver, where for the next several years he honed and infused much into his unique style of song writing. His latest, and third musical offering ‘Solitude’, is a diverse collection of songs that run the musical gamut from beatlesque pop to shimmering ballads to guitar driven rock and back again. This new CD is leaps and bounds ahead of previous efforts, already regarded by a growing following of fans, to be must have, classic indie rock. Tony can currently be found testing out new material in various Vancouver venues from his latest CD, "Solitude", available for sale on iTunes May 1st. The official CD release will be an early set on June 7th at Vancouvers Railway Club with tour dates TBA for Summer 2007.


queen jane

Written By: tony marriott

stay, stay in the safety of your skin
wait for the voices in your head to guide you, deep inside you, to your king.
lay, lay on your bed of nails and pins
dreaming of ways that you could find a lover, make him suffer to the end.

your just a baby with a silver spoon
you know exactly when to act up, you never miss your scene
and daddy always sends his love with all the candy you can eat..
cos your queen jane

she played, played to the crowd of plastic grins
fell out of tune and landed on a wino, broke her priceless violin
she prays, prays for the wino and his sins
cuts of his fingers so it doesn't matter, if she ever steals again.

chorus (same)

it's just a game you never win
it's just the way it goes with queen jane repeat 4x

misery man

Written By: tony marriott

only 6 years old
your daddy's on the phone
says he's gonna miss you
and left you on your own

your little boy rebel
talking out of turn
teachers never liked you
said you'd never learn at all


but your a big boy now
you tell it like it is
you never show your smile
cos no-one understands
your not like them, they can't get to you-oo


so you got yourself hired
with your old uncle joe
he caught you in the till
he had to let you go

we saw you 'round town
with that dirty little blonde
who left you with a letter
said "you never turned me on at all"


cos your not like them
(answer) they couln't comprehend
there aint no way
(answer) the price you had to pay
you won't conform
(answer) so far outside the norm
whatever they do,..thet can't get to you

when all of the other children played thier games (he lives for the misery)
you walked in the pouring rain and played the fool(he lives for the misery)
lived in a cardboard mansion behind the school (he lives for the misery)
when everyone sees him coming they waive thier hands (and call him the..
misery man.. such a
misery man..another
misery man.. such a

final verse

now that dirty little blonde
had her own boy
she couldn't stant the crying
so she left him with her mom
misery man no-one understands 4x


Written By: tony marriott

the highway of good intentions
has signs full of bullet holes
the suicide convention has oversold
mother marry gave permision
a go ahead to save the world
you can shout but i won't listen
or hear a word

it's out of control
it's just like before
it's a holywar, thy will be dumb
all the losers blown to kingdom come


the teletype machines are choking
the sky's filling up with smoke
flying high above the ocean
they're sending hope
the shinning engines of the future
driving through the broken glass
all the winners and the losers are
bleeding fast

it's out of control
it's just like before
it's a holywar, thy will be dumb
all the losers blown to kingdom come

it's out of control
it's just like before
it's a holywar, thy will be dumb
all the losers blown to kingdom come


The Bad Machine
Looking For Dorian

Set List

original material from 3 cd releases
20-90 min. set. flexible