Tony "Mojo" Lucero

Tony "Mojo" Lucero


Considered the worlds most versatile and "hip" hypnotist on the planet. Any venue, any size laughter is taken to another level. If you are looking for something unique in which everyone feels part of the show, Mojo is the new pioneer in stage hypnosis.


Not all entertainers are the same. From a very early age Tony loved the stage. His ability to connect with any audience is his biggest asset. Everyone including the audience, feels like they are part of the show. The show combines bits that are "fresh" current with music and humor for all ages. He has been labeled the MOJO Master because he brings the Mojo every night. From corporations, universities and comedy clubs, Mojo is the new pioneer in hypnotic comedy. He currently is working on a cutting edge hypnotic reality show to expose the mystery that is hypnosis.

Set List

Show can range from 60- 90 minutes. Perfect is a 75 minute show with now intermission. This includes warming up the audience and getting them comfortable with what is about to take place. This is followed by the actual performance by volunteers from the audience.