Tony Neurotic

Tony Neurotic

 Houston, Texas, USA

Sounds like the male counterpart to Natalie Merchant and the lead singer from Train singing Counting Crows


I've been writing songs for as long as I can remember. Musician. Born Anthony Fernandez-Vila in Pasadena, Texas to Cuban immigrants. A self-taught musician, he was raised with his twin sister in a strictly Spanish speaking household . After seeing the Who perform at the Astrodome, he completely immersed himself in learning the workings of the music business. The next year at 12 years old , he was interviewing Billy Squier, Fastway and other bands for a local rock station . One of the top letter writers for Amnesty International and protested at the Chinese Consulate. At the age of 14, he was convinced by the words of Twisted Sister that he was going to “rock” for the rest of his life. Music was the only direction he was going. He began singing and playing in punk bands at Cabarete Voltaire with DRI ….and by the age of 17, had moved on to playing singer-songwriter gigs at Fitzgeralds in Houston armed with a guitar and mic. He would sometimes play 4-5 times a week, and became a staff and local favorite with the local publications and music communityAlong comes Matt Hammon, drummer for Bob Mould of Punk Band Husker Du, the Gloria Record and “Tell It “ was later released in 2003. A powerful, frank collection of musings with an even more straight forward writing style. Played with the Radiators. “Dilo” ( Tell It ) in Spanish, was then released to critical acclaim in the Spanish market. The single “Ninguna” was remixed by DJ Paco and was a well known request throughout Juarez, El Paso and the Texas Mexico border throughout this time. A two month promotional tour of Juarez and Chijuahua Mexico, Nuevo Laredo and El Paso ensued. Highlite: singing my singles to long lines waiting and curling around night clubs in the a.m.”s.
Most common comment on tour = “You don’t look like you speak Spanish”
Tony Vila is now touring the United States and is currently represented by Ross Tonkin with Concerthouse Music in Canada. Releasing a new ep every three months and making a connection with his "confessional style songwriting".


" Dilo " Spanish Ep
" Ghosts from the Blue House" EP 2010

Set List

Thunder Road ( harmonica with piano) solo
Rain King or Luka
Has Anybody Seen Her?
Find It
Verbal Inhalants
Blue House ( solo piano)
Logical Emotion
Come On Over
In These Days With You