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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2014 | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2014
Band Rock Singer/Songwriter





From Massachusetts and outwards to New York and finally settling in Los Angeles, singer/songwriter Tony Pops (aka Anthony Papamarkakis) has pounded the pavement to build an impressive resume of venues and fanbases. Along the way, he built a strong friendship with fellow musician Scott Andrew Mlodzinski, and together they've built a strong following in L.A. and, together with Tears For Fears guitarist Charlton Pettus at the helm, crafted an EP. Light Of Mine is comprised of five deeply heartfelt pieces of Americana, flashing influences of folk, gospel and blues as the duo paint vivid pictures of lost love and spiritual reflection.

"If I'm Your Burden" is almost painful to listen to, as close to home the lyrics hit personally. Sad and beautiful, a distinct combination that seems to symbolize what these two talented musicians are all about. This track is centered on steady rhythm guitar and quiet, contemplative spaces between verses. "Jealousy" is a wonderful five minutes of country-infused rock, a more catchy and upbeat collection of smooth grooves and memorable melody that could work wonderful as a radio single. Tony really lets his voice fly on this one, making it all the more impactful. The title track is tinny in its subdued mannerisms, featuring a variety of guest vocals and a bursting chorus that combine to sound like a less frantic Bright Eyes.
"Mother Mary" conjures up church band experiences, a soulful and pensive number that works well on all fronts and features a bit of flair via bluesy guitar leads. "Want You Bad" is most likely the highlight of Light Of Mine, darkly slinking along in a downtrodden folk-rock groove that plays off of the blunt honesty of the lyrics very well.

With a balanced production that settles into trademark folk-rock aspects to bring Tony Pops & Scott Andrew's collective vision to life, Light Of Mine is too easy to enjoy to not be considered by folk-rock fans far and wide. So long as you don't mind some blues and gospel mixing things up, you're going to find at least a few tracks to like in this small but vital collection. - Music Emissions

"Experimenting with Success: Tonypops"

Tonypops is a name that you will soon wish you heard earlier. As he gains more notoriety behind the scene, it is obvious he is well on his way to making a name for himself in this industry. - Omid Aghazadeh

"Tony Pops: Tackling the industry from Boston to Los Angeles"

I had the great pleasure of being introduced to Anthony Papamarkakis, AKA Tony Pops, a couple of months ago through a mutual friend. This talented cat has been doing the music thing for quite some time, starting from his roots in Chicopee, Massachusetts at the New England Institute of Arts and working his way to Los Angeles, California.

His aura and music are very similar, in that they are laid back but have a great ferocity to them. I have been talking with him for a couple of months about his progress in the industry, and to me it is astounding how much positive stuff he has done in the process. We finally got a chance yesterday to sit down and chat about his booming career, including my favorite question of why he uses the Ukulele so much. Great sit down with any awesome guy. Check it out.

How old were you when you decided you wanted to get into music?

I was about twelve years old when I knew I wanted to be playing music for the rest of my life. At that age I was listening to a bunch of different genres. Everything I heard made me feel a certain way. I wanted to be able to give those same feelings to people just like it was given to me. I knew then and there I needed to become a musician. I first started playing drums. I took it very seriously by the time I was thirteen years old. Something attracted me to the drums more than anything at that time. I love rhythm and I have lots of fun behind the kit, 'driving the bus'.

Who are some of your musical influences that inspired you to be the man you are today?

I've had so many great influences over the years. I feel like every piece of it counts for who I am today. I've always loved blues, jazz, and rock music. Artists like Otis Redding, Billie Holiday, and James Brown really get me going. Anything from Led Zeppelin to Radiohead is killer. Guys like Nick Drake, Ray LaMontagne and The Wood Brothers keep me afloat. In my younger years, I was really into bands like At The Drive-In, Glassjaw, and the first Mars Volta album. Aside from that, the hardcore influence in western Massachusetts really grew on my as a kid too.

Describe your sound for me.

Like a lot of other musicians, it's hard for me to do that. When I was recently performing in Chicago, someone from the audience approached me saying that they were caught off guard by the sound of the song coming from an instrument like the ukulele. I guess a lot of people assume it to sound something like Jason Mraz or Jack Johnson. I would say my sound has elements of folk and soul while still bringing something new and interesting to the table.

When people hear your music, who do you get the most comparisons to? Do you take it as a compliment when people say that particular person or band?

I actually never really been compared to someone specifically yet. I was told I have an interesting tambour to my voice and that it is unique. I am open to hear about what people think I sound like, but so far I haven't had many people personally compare me or my music to anyone else.

How did you come up with the stage name "Tony Pops"?

tonypops was a nickname I received from my Social Studies teacher in seventh grade. He gave everyone nicknames, but he derived mine from my real name Anthony Papamarkakis. It has literally stuck with me ever since. One of the best he's ever come up with I'd say. I decided to own it and go with it.

My favorite song off of your EP is "Through The Fog". Can you explain a little bit more about what the song means?

I wrote this song during a tough time in my last relationship. We remained long distance for a while and it was really taking a toll on us. A lot of things in the relationship had to get packed into such a short amount of time when seeing each other. Through The Fog is about that, getting past those issues, and knowing that there is a brighter side to it all if you fight for it.

You describe yourself on your social media as a musician, photographer and web designer. What is your area of utmost importance out of all three?

Being a musician is hands down the most important to me. Nothing makes me feel happier. The feeling I get when performing is like no other. Listening to music or playing it, it has consumed me from the get-go. In the best or worst times, I bury myself in it. I am overall a creative person, and I love photography and taking photos. I went to school for web design and I still do a little bit of it here an there, but music has been and always will be my main squeeze.

You use the ukulele a lot in your music. Do you think that is an underestimated instrument in music today?

I consistently have been writing all of my music with Ukulele, yes. I do feel in a sense it is underestimated. You can honestly play almost anything with them. It is a cool and simple sounding instrument to write with. Over the last year, it looks like it has been making a comeback oddly enough.

What is the main difference you find in the Boston and Los Angel - Ryan Shea /

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Watch Tonypops' Hollywood rooftop interview. Presented by Daftstar. - Daftstar


Still working on that hot first release.



Starting out in the small town of Chicopee, Massachusetts, Anthony Papamarkakis, better known by his stage name, Tony Pops, has covered ground musically all over the country. From small bar venues in Chicopee, to performing in front of large crowds at the House of Blues, and Paradise Rock Club in Boston, as well as branching out to frequent the Bitter End in New York, Tony quickly established himself as an artist to follow. Tony has always been Influenced by early soul and gospel artists, and spending time performing in cities like New Orleans and Chicago, as well as engulfing himself in their respective cultures, has helped Tony hone is style and ear for early American music. 

After much success in New England, Tony Pops, picked up and headed out to the West Coast to settle in Los Angeles. It didn’t take long for him to establish himself in his new city. Already having performed at legendary venues like the Troubadour, Hotel Café, and The Viper Room, Tony has developed a strong connection with the people of Los Angeles, and you can find him frequently filling up Molly Malone’s in Hollywood, where he and the band often enjoy showcasing their music.

Tony has now teamed up with longtime guitarist, friend, and fellow Songwriter Scott Andrew Mlodzinski, to develop a unique sound and style of music that will immediately capture the attention of any listener. The two have worked together in musical projects for over the past 5 years and have now seemingly found a strong connection in the way they deliver their music. After touring the Northeast in early 2014, the duo teamed up with “Tears For Fears” guitarist, and Music Producer, Charlton Pettus, to start tracking songs for their debut EP “Light of Mine.” The EP features an A-list of supporting musicians and friends, of whom you will find performing on stage with the duo on any given night. “Light of Mine” is a very strong debut for these two, dialing in styles of Gospel, Folk, Soul, and Blues, to produce an Americana rock/folk sound that is undeniable.

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