Tony Reaper

Tony Reaper

 Mangum, Oklahoma, USA
BandHip HopRock


He's been called the next generation in the underground sensation known as horrorcore. Hailing from SW Oklahoma, Tony Reaper has spread like wildfire. Fans in over 24 different states and overseas in the Belgium and UK area have bumped his music well into the overnight hours. Currently recording for the upcoming release of his third album "Armed and Dangerous" Tony has been busting his ass to give his fans what they want. Which is more music from him. With the steady rise of his fan base and the ever strengthening support of his wicked family, Lo's and Lette's from all over will welcome him with open arms and hatchets raised. I can guarantee that this artist will not disappoint if given such a wonderfully wicked opportunity to perform for you live.


2010 - Ridin' The Scythe

1.The Search
3.Who Am I
4.The Demon Released

2011 - Still Fucked Up

1. Still Fucked Up
2. Victim
3.Dark Wind
4. Lette of my Life
5. Burnt
6. Hard Tymes
7 Call The Coroner ftg. Myndst8
8. Be Like Me ftg. Myndst8 and Spitac.

2012 - Armed and Dangerous


Set List

For The Wicked Ones
The World Is Yours
New World Bulls***
Dark Wing
Hey Hey