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"Sound Check Magazine"

It sucks that all it takes today is some asshole with an acoustic guitar, a broken heart, and a box of tissues to be classified as a “musician” or to be respected as a “songwriter.” It sucks even more that these crybabies are selling albums and making millions of dollars because they are “emotional.” As with most singer/songwriters, Tony Roberts expresses feelings of love, longing, and loss through his music and lyrics. But unlike most other generic artists, Roberts uses his music-as-therapy in an original and completely relatable way. A combination of acoustic guitars, bass, and drums complement Robert’s profound, telltale lyrics and help move his “solo” performances along. Reminiscent of the late Elliott Smith and his “Waltz #2” (“XO”), Robert’s tune, “She’s Coming Down,” bounces along eerily while a faint waltz plays in the background. Along with being interesting and incredibly depressing (in a good way) this song stands alone, not only on the disc but it exceeds the entire genre. He sings, “Her heart’s a menagerie of coffee stained diaries/And sketches of Spain/Her arm’s almost paper thin/My sweet heroine/You know I would take your place.” Accompanied by a shrill whistle and tiny chimes Roberts makes clear the power this creepy sounding girl has over him. “There’s nothing that I can say/I love her anyway…it’s a family tradition/Giving into addiction.” Other tracks that are worth buying the disc for are the downtrodden, yet happy synth-pop “Guitar in Hand” and the fast-paced, almost satirical “Hip Hop Truck.”<br> - Sound Check Songwriter's Corner by Andrea McPhee

"Quotes about Grains of you"

“I love all the little one-liners that get the listener's mind to wander. Tony Roberts will never halt, only continue on and transcend through the waves of time.”
- Delphine, Vancouver, B.C.

“This Cd will make you move, groove, smile, laugh. Full of great fun lyrics with good imagery. I can't compare Tony to any other artist out there. Definitely different, refreshing and worth checking out!”
– Caroline, Winthrop, MA

“I absolutely love this album. I purchased the Happiness Ep and was blown away, but Grains of You was more than I thought it could be.”
- Pitcher, Baltimore, MD

“I listen to a lot of artist's cds. ‘Grains of you’ really caught my attention. A truly great work. And the small glimpse I got of what may be where Tony has come from in life (from the liner notes/thanks) made me more intrigued... it adds perceptual depth to the music…”
– Lee Bozworth,

“This is one of those Cds that ends up in your car and you don’t know how it got there but suddenly it never leaves the cd player.”
– Zsid, DJ at 92.5 the River in Boston
- people who have heard the cd:

"Seattle Sinner"

"Grains of you" is an eclectic album highlighted by Tony's unique vocals and poetic lyrics...sometimes poppy, sometimes dark carnival, it's only a matter of time before "Grains" pushes its way west. - Chris Disario


Mindflow- Just like Don Quixote 1996
Mindflow- Killing the Pane 1997
Mindflow- Black and Grey ep 1998
Mindflow- In Search of Stars 2000
Mindflow- Miles 2001
Tony Roberts- Happiness ep 2002
Tony Roberts- Grains of You 2003
Tony Roberts/Mindflow- Fucked Up On Lansdowne Street 2004
Tony Roberts- The Scarbelly Blues 2004
Tony Roberts and The Saints of San Carlos- Lost in the Waves 2005
Tony Roberts- Rise 2007
Tony Roberts- The Key West Sessions 2007
Tony Roberts- I Give You the Sky 2008
Tony Roberts- The Long Lost Ocean Blues 2009



"I'm the lofi no tie old school fall guy searching for a rhyme behind the reasons why I do what I do. "---From the song, Hip Hop Truck

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Tony Roberts is a troubador in the truest sense. Since 1999 he has toured throughout the US, Canada and Europe. He has lived and played in Key West, Florida- London, England- Vancouver, British Columbia and Boston, Massachusetts. Building up a small cult following in each place. His lyrics are confessional, visual and inspirational. His band, The Saints of San Carlos, made up of ex- members of Division Street, The Mudhens and Mindflow, create the perfect musical backdrop- from the intensely emotional to songs that you just can't help but move to. This is a band of misfit artists who play because it's what they love to do. Roberts' own lyrics states it best in his song. Start a Fire- "I don't do this for fortune or do it for fame- I do it for love because we all need a flame."

In 2002 Tony teamed up with producer, Anthony Resta (Shawn Mullins and Collective Soul) and began work on his first solo album, Grains of You, which was finished at the end of 2003. Incorporating modern ideas with simple songs and great performances, the album is a mix of studio tracks and the live performances that have captivated audiences for years.

Playing over 250 shows since 2004 Tony continued to play solo and with the Saints of San Carlos and has released two critically acclaimed novels (Tales of a Ridiculous Man, One with the Dust) that come with cds. He was also selected by the Artists for Literacy organization to have his song, Just Like Don Quixote, on their latest SIBL (songs inspired by literature) project compilation.

In 2005 Tony and the Saints released "Lost in the Waves"- which Tony engineered and produced himself.

In 2007 Tony released, Rise, an album featuring 14 new songs and also a live acoustic album, The Key West Sessions, with virtuoso guitarist, Yvan Agbo and a little help from the stunning voice of Samantha Waite.

In 2008 Tony released the studio album, I give you the sky, featuring the song, Rise, which was used in the 2009 season by the New York Yankees as a theme for their Hope Week campaign.

His latest album, The Long Lost Ocean Blues, is due out December 2009

He is currently living and performing in Key West, Fl, or on tour with Samantha Waite or his band.