Tony Saenz

Tony Saenz


Tony Saenz embodies the sentiment and yearning for a new love. This singer utilizes his plentiful voice to transmit the feelings behind the songs. This applies in and out of a stage.


TONY SAENZ is a new artist that brings Dynamic and Passion to our ears. His voice is one that cannot be compared to another Artist, for he is a Leader in the Realm of Music.

The Composer is none other than SOTERO RODRIGUEZ, the Excellence of Music himself. He has devoted a great deal of tears and joy to this production. He has written songs dealing with our hopes and despairs. New Adventures Await!

Having made his debut alongside LOS TEMERARIOS, TONY SAENZ is ready to present to you his newest recording, "Tres Mujeres En Mi Vida". Yes, for can a Man have three loves? This is not something to be proud of, so a resolution must be found or it will destroy all who cross this path.

Be Surprised, Be Involved, Be the one to Own the Excitement!



written by Sotero Rodriguez
performed by Tony Saenz

Set List

1. Tres Mujeres En Mi Vida
2. Maldad y Mentiras
3. Para Mi Primer Amor
4. Solo Por La Vida
5. Ruego A La Luna