Tony Scalzo

Tony Scalzo


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Tony Scalzo grew up in Southern California and started playing bass in bands in the eighties. Throughout the eighties, and into the nineties, Tony played with many a struggling rock bands until relocating to Austin, Texas in '93 to play bass in Beaver Nelson's band.

They performed locally in Austin and recorded an album that was never released. Tony and drummer Joey Sheffield left Beaver and formed Magneto USA with Miles Zuniga in '94. By '95 they had changed the name of the band to Fastball and released 3 albums on Hollywood records.

Fastball’s '98 release, "All The Pain Money Can Buy” earned them platinum status with singles like "Out of my Head" and "The Way".

Tony's solo set is comprised of songs written before, during and separate from his work with Fastball. The focus is on his voice and the songs themselves and his diverse musical influences shine through in all of them. Fans of American and British pop will find favor with this unique talent.