Tony Scalzo

Tony Scalzo

 Austin, Texas, USA

Songwriter lead singer of Grammy nominated Austin, Tx band, Fastball. Top 10 hits include, "The Way" and "Out Of My Head". Tony Scalzo has written with artists and writers such as Al Anderson, Dan Wilson of Semisonic Also the band, Bowling For Soup. He still performs regularly with Fastball.


Tony Scalzo grew up in southern California and started playing in bands in the late 1970's while still in junior high. By 1993, he relocated to Austin, TX where, along with Miles Zuniga and Joey Shuffeild, the band Fastball began gigging and seeking out a label deal. By 1998 they were a national alternative touring act with a platinum album, "All The Pain Money Can Buy" and a string of radio hits and videos.
Tony's solo material reflects the musical influences he has absorbed from his childhood in Cali as well as his experience traveling the world and living in Austin, TX. His songs range from hooky,Elvis Costello style pop rock to old-school R&B and country melodies. Melody is usually the primary focus in his music.
Scalzo has been writing around the clock for the past year and is getting set to record a new solo album this fall.


1996 Fastball/Make Your Mama Proud, Hollywood Records
1998 Fastball/All The Pain Money Can Buy, Hollywood Records
2000 Fastball/The Harsh Light Of Day, Hollywood Records
2004 Fastball/Keep Your Wig On, Rykodisc Records
2005 Tony Scalzo/I'm Gone, 3 song ep, self-release
2005 Tony Scalzo/Different Drummers, ep
2006 Tony Scalzo/Tear Jerkers For Hardened Hearts, ep
2009 Fastball/Little White Lies, 33 1/3 Records