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Tony Silvestri

Belleville, Ontario, Canada

Belleville, Ontario, Canada
Band Rock Singer/Songwriter


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"Wide Mouth Mason with Silverosity"

Silverosity now here is a band which was a huge surprise. Going into their set I had watched their video online for their first single called “Sugar” so I had an idea what they sounded like, but when they took to the stage their live show exploded from the stage. Tony’s vocals was a definite power behind the bands success. They quickly and quietly got up on stage and plugged in really before anybody took notice and by looking around and listening to the response that they got when they said hello you could tell that around half of the audience already in attendance was there in support of Silverosity. They played their lead off single further down the set than what I first anticipated that they would. To me it wasn’t their own songs which really made their mark but was their cover of Boston’s “ForePlay/Long Time”. When I first heard Tony starting up the song I thought he was teasing the crowd a little bit but when he went right into the song there were a few cheers and a comment “Ballsy” came out from behind me. I was just thinking to myself if they miss any of the timing or the vocals in the song the rest of their set would have gone down with it. Halfway through the song you could tell that they had become seasoned with all of the songs aspects. They hit every crucial timing mark and Tony nailed it with the keys and vocals, Even Dean nailed the timing down with his guitar. They also didn’t forget to add in the hand clapping as well when it was called for. By the time the song was finished they had everybody cheering for them. Tony still wasn’t done making his mark with his keyboard skills as they played their song “Deaf or Blind” I wasn’t too fond of the vocals during this song yet I was left watching Tony go up and down on the Keys as if it was nothing at all. Dean found his way filling in the front portion of the stage which Tony had left vacant for his keys. The interaction between each band member was alright but they were almost stuck in place for most of their set. When they finished their set there were getting cheers for and encores from the entire upstairs. I thought they were going to be allowed to play at least one more but they got shut down by the sound crew. - Kingston Music

"Born to Perform"

The Cornwall Standard Freeholder

Born to perform
Local News
Posted 19 days ago

CORNWALL -- In between laying down tracks with the Tragically Hip's Rob Baker, a band of teenage musicians will be performing in Long Sault.

Silverosity is returning to Grumpy's Sports Bar on Jan. 2; the lead singer was also a regular performer at Truffles Burger Bar before it burned down a few weeks ago.

Tony Silvestri may be only 18 years old, but he already has years of experience performing, writing, playing and recording on his resume.

"It was kind of weird, but I never really wanted to do anything else," he said. "As soon as I started playing piano."

That's a pretty young age to choose a career -Silvestri was four years old when he began banging around on his parents' organ. After spending four of five hours practicing each day for a couple of years, his father and mother realized lessons were in order. Though keyboard is still his primary instrument, Silvestri also wanted to learn all the standard band instruments.

"I picked up the guitar a couple of years ago," he said. "I self-taught myself."

At age 15, his parents helped him set up a mini recording studio -including drums, bass and guitar -so he could hone his talents.

But even prior to that, Silvestri was collaborating and recording with other musicians. At age 10 or 11, he fronted a band called Immortality with friends from his neighbourhood in Belleville, and they even put out an album. One of the members from that group, guitarist Dean LeBlanc, became the co-founder of Silverosity along with the keyboardist a few years later.

"We had a pretty early start," said Silvestri about how the band took off. His cousin runs WakeStock, an annual wake boarding festival and competition. Silvestri had an immediate in, taking Silverosity on stage there next to Bedouin Soundclash and others.

"Then we just started playing bars and working our name up," he explained. "We're trying to build the (Hwy.) 401 circuit."

After going through a few bass players and drummers, Trevor DeWit and Shaden DeHaan joined the group. Their first gig with all of the permanent members was Ottawa's Bluesfest last summer.

Though all of them have input on the original tunes, Silvestri is the primary songwriter. His style has matured over the years as his musical influences changed. At first it was the classic Beatles and the Who, but then he discovered Pearl Jam and Radiohead.

"That really influenced my writing," he said. "Once I started going to school and being interested in girls, those feelings spark and you just kind of write about what you feel."

The band has focused on about 20 of the tunes, taking them on the road with them all over Ontario.

It was through one of those random gigs that Silverosity impressed Rob Baker, who invited them to record at the Hip's studio Bath House. The band missed out on that exact opportunity by coming in second place out of thousands in a huge music competition.

So it was all the sweeter when Baker offered to produce their album a little while later.

They have connections to other recognizable artists as well. Silvestri has opened for Theory of a Deadman, Jeff Healy, Johnny Winter and others.

"It's really cool," said Silvestri about their success. "You don't believe it's happening at first. You work really hard at something that's totally out of your reach for a long time. It's hard to stay on your feet."

Silvestri said it's an easy job when things are going well -like now, with gigs lined up and a famous musician mixing their first album while shopping it out to labels -but the challenge comes during the down times, when members tend to question their future.

"It's just hard to keep everyone's spirits up," he said.

But Silvestri said they do their best to stay level-headed; all of the band members have jobs, though while the band is doing well none have plans for post-secondary education.

"These things have happened to a lot of bands that haven't made it," he said. "We still have a lot of work to do. If we make it and have that hit, then we work on the next hit and the hit after that."

He said there are times when they have to laugh off their big ideas and be more realistic about goals, but they are thankful about how far they've come already.

"It all happened really fast," he said. "We were not even looking to record."

The 11-track CD should be out before summer, said Silvestri, adding that they are also having fun working on artwork and logos.

But when they aren't in the studio, the band members are working and playing shows around the province on weekends.

Silvestri, who teaches piano, said he's looking forward to being back in the Cornwall area -where his father now works at Kraft -especially returning to Truffles when it reopens. Besides their gig at Grumpy's in early January, they are also booked to play Snails II on Feb. 19.

"It's a privilege to play mus - The Cornwall Standard Freeholder

"Tony Silvestri Entertainer Of The year"


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* Tony Silvestri wins Entertainer of year award

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Tony Silvestri wins entertainer of year award
Posted 5 days ago

"The Prince of Blue Eyed Soul" George Olliver rocked The Dobro on George St. Thursday night as the MC for the 2010 DRB Music Awards.

There were 12 awards presented.

The nominees were selected by a panel, and the panel selected the winners, Dobro owner Kevin Carley told The Examiner this week.

- Peterborough Examiner

"The Daily Press"


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* Keyboardist Silvestri highlighted weekend

Keyboardist Silvestri highlighted weekend
Posted 17 mins ago

One of the highlights for me and the entire crowd at Ribfest was the keyboard playing of Tony Silvestri. The Belleville native has great chops and plays completely in the pocket. He joined us for two songs, provided stellar playing for Jack De Keyzer, Paul James and SAB and has already at his age sat in with The Downchild Blues Band and other high-calibre players. He has a great attitude, the fans love him and it's nothing but up for Tony. Later I may do more of a feature on Tony. I suggest fans check out his MySpace profile. - John Emms

"Johnny Winter at Showplace with special guests Samuel James and Tony Silvestri"

Johnny Winter Showplace April 22 2010 Posted 14 days ago
The man who Rolling Stone Magazine calls "One of the greatest guitarists of all time!" comes to Showplace Theatre on Thursday April 22nd and Pembroke Festival Hall Friday April 23rd. Special guests include traditional Blues picker and multi-instrumentalist Samuel James will be traveling with Johnny on this tour, and piano player Tony Silvestri will open the show. - Peterborough Examiner

"Spotlight Sunday"


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* Silvestri, Jasher at Blackhorse Spotlight Sunday

Silvestri, Jasher at Blackhorse Spotlight Sunday
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Posted 16 hours ago

Tony Silvestri Band with opening act Jasher will perform at the Blackhorse Spotlight Sunday.

The Blackhorse Pub continues its spotlights of local bands this Sunday with a performance from one of the areas top young talents,piano virtuoso Tony Silvestri and his band, states a press release.

Silvestri is already a seasoned veteran entertainer who has performed with the likes of Downchild Blues Band, Jack De Keyzer, Paul James and the Weber Brothers. Spotlight organizer Terry Guiel calls Silvestri "a must see."

"Tony is by far, one of the best young musicians in the region. I truly believe he will be a star one day," states Guiel.

Legendary bluesman Donny Walsh from the Downchild Blues Band states "Tony is a great piano player who plays like a seasoned vet. "I'm sure he will go places, he's got it all."

Silvestri Band performs originals as well as classic songs from artists like Supertramp, Ray Charles and Pearl Jam.

Opening for The Tony Silvestri

Band will be 14-year-old musician, pianist Jasher known for her renditions of songs from Regina Spektor.

Blackhorse Pub owner Ray Kapour believes the spotlights are designed with artists like Jasher and Silvestri in mind saying, "she is such a talented young artist and artists like her and Tony deserve opportunities to be heard."

The showcase begins at 8 p. m. at the Blackhorse Pub, George St. N., with a $5 cover. - Peterborough Examiner

"Historic Red Dod"


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* Young bands set to play Red Dog on Friday

Young bands set to play Red Dog on Friday
Posted 1 day ago

Three young local bands and performers are set to take to the stage at the Historic Red Dog Tavern, Hunter St. W., on Friday.

Tony Silvestri Band, Full Throttle and Jasher will perform starting at 10 p. m.

Tony Silvestri,and his band will headline the night of rock, blues and alternative. The band is made up of bassist Shaden Dehaan, drummer Marcus Browne and guitarist Dean Leblanc.

Silvestri has been performing with big name blues artist this past season such as the legendary Downchild Blues Band, Jack De Keyzer and David Rotundo.

Silvestri has also toured with veteran rocker Sab whom he credits for teaching him a great deal about the business and showmanship of the rock 'n' roll world, states a press release.

This will be Silvestri's first time playing the Red Dog.

"The history of that (Red Dog) stage and who has been on it is not lost with me, this is a going to be a special night that my band and I are looking forward to," he states. - Peterborough Examiner


Ten originals posted Tony Silvestri CBC Radio 3.
Radio play and interviews on Kingstons 105.7 K Rock & Belleville's Mix 97 for new demo release. Previous CD release Never Been There Sold Out CD release Concert 700 seats . Live Music Video Release of his song "Sugar" on youtube.



Tony Silvestri is a Singer, Songwriter, Guitarist and Piano virtuoso. At the age of 21, he has already made significant progress in the world of music. Playing the piano since the age of 6, he has wowed audiences all over Ontario.

Tony has performed with some of the biggest names in the music industry.In November 2013 opening for Pat Benetar and this December set to embark on a mini tour with April Wine.Tony has previously opened for Johnny Winter,Larry Gowan and Widemouth Mason. At the age of 10, he formed the group "Immortality", opening for Jeff Healey,Theory Of A Deadman, and Honeymoon Suite. Tony has performed at The Ottawa ,London and Windsor Bluesfest, Sab stock, The Canadian Wakeboard Championships. This allowed Tony to open for Steve Earle, Big Sugar, The Arkells, Hollerado, Bedouin Soundclash, The Stampeders,Trooper, Mahones He recorded an album at the Bathouse in Kingston, produced by Rob Baker of the Tragically Hip.Tony is back in the studio new release coming in Dec 2013.

He has had the honor of performing with some of the true Canadian Rock and Roll & Blues road warriors. Donny Walsh, Chuck Jackson and Michael Fonfara of the Down Child Blues Band, Paul James, Sab The Original Rock & Roll Outlaw, Jack De Keyser,Rick Fines, David Rotundo and Lee Oscar of War.