Tony Sorrentino

Tony Sorrentino

 Chicago, Illinois, USA

Hook-laden story telling with an artistic edge.


Over the course of his life, Tony Sorrentino has been a lot of different things: student, telemarketer, retail clerk. At one point he was even a cash register repairman. But for as long as he can remember, he's been a singer. Raised in the suburbs of Chicago by a piano-playing father and a music-loving mother, Tony started singing into the cassette recorder his mom set in front of him at age 2 and the rest is history.

Since then, he's been through the ringer of bad band names, strange venues, and endless show flyers. After almost a decade working the local band circuit, he knows himself as an artist now better than ever before. He’s been featured on local and college radio stations (WPGU, WRSE, WRLR) and played with nationally known artists such as The Hush Sound and The Academy Is. This past December, he sang for over 70,000 people during the Christmas services at Willow Creek Community Church (where he leads worship on a weekly basis). And in early 2013, he'll release his debut full-length album, "The Art of Knowing."

The songs on "The Art of Knowing" are culled from nearly a decade of writing and over two years of recording. They cover everything from the complications of love to questions about identity to getting lost in his hometown one afternoon. Very much a product of his musical roots, the sound of the record mixes the twang of the country tunes Tony grew up hearing in his grandfather's pick-up truck with the jazz chords that spilled from his dad’s piano early on Saturday mornings. The result lands somewhere between John Mayer, Dave Barnes, and Keith Urban, anchored by clever lyrics and hook-laden melody lines.

For his first full-length project, Tony brought on friend and talented producer Phil Schawel (The Rails), mix engineer Ainslie Grosser (Mutemath, Hillsong) and mastering engineer Eric Boulanger (Colbie Caillat). The dynamic mix of this team brought Tony's artistic vision to life, making sure that "The Art of Knowing" will be a favorite for years to come.


"The Art of Knowing"
- Debut LP to be released early 2013

Various tracks have radio airplay on WPGU (Champaign), WRSE (Elmhurst), WRLR (Lake County)

Set List

Set Time: 30 - 90 minutes