Tony Tedeschi

Tony Tedeschi


Rock with the roll, '60s influenced music, with elements of blues, alt country, folk and jazz.


I consider myself a child of the '60s. Although I was born in 1941 -- which places me in my 60s -- it was the 1960s that molded, in many ways, who I am. I was co-editor of the student newspaper at NYU in Washington Square when Dylan was playing the coffee houses, progressive jazz was ascendant and the beat poets were having a liberating impact on American Lit. We expanded the newspaper to cover those cultural events. When I graduated, I was 22 and 1A and joined the Air Force, spending the better part of four years helping to train Tactical Air Command pilots, who went immediately to the war in Vietnam. The demoralizing effect of a war we were clearly losing and the domestic unrest it generated resonated even with those of us in the armed forces. I came home from that experience with a wife, two young daughters and a sense that freedom was every bit as important an element in life as all the euphemisms suggested. While finding work in public relations firms helped support my growing family, including the adoption of a third daughter, my creative release always came via my freelance writing. I’d played guitar, sang and wrote songs for a band during the late '50s through the early '60s, but gave it up to concentrate on my prose and a couple of novels I've authored. I have traveled extensively as a journalist and I am the founding editor of an award-winning travel website: But music has always played a central role in my life. I'd always felt that Dylan had liberated the songwriter in all of us, while setting his almost-impossible-to-reach benchmarks. In my 60s, I have come back to the guitar, letting it drive my creativity. My debut CD, "Stuck in the '60s, Vol. II," on Hollow Body Records, has been produced by Doug Kwartler, a gifted musician and songwriter, who also runs Hollow Body Studios and is a talented engineer, bringing a great deal of his musical genius to my work. Doug also plays lead guitar in my band. Michael Leuci, our drummer, is also a very talented graphic designer, having done all the photography and design work on my CD. Deb Novak is our gifted bass player.


Where Are You Now

Written By: Tony Tedeschi

The darkness pressed down on me
Cold as black ice by the curbsides of December.
I’ve been walking many hours
Down streets whose themes I can’t remember.

Where are you now?
For without you, my world’s a colorless affair.
The leaden air pressed to my chest,
In a time gone dead with you not here.

You swept into my life
Like a leaf spun in a wind blown far from home,
An exotic child of nature,
With a song sung in a language all your own.

Where are you now?
The cooling mist whose wisps still bathe my soul.
Without you near,
My sense of who I am is less than whole.

I was a child of concrete
You pulled into your world of forest green,
A man whose softer tendencies
Bumped up against my instincts to be mean.

Where are you now?
For I’m released back into a world that still bares teeth.
My fears fight for control
While I’m de-clawed and adrift down these mean streets.

But you saw my vulnerabilities
As a strength that lived inside me all the while
And my fear of living's left me
Extracted at the corners of your smile.

Where are you now?
Come home and finish feathering your nest.
The world’s in full retreat,
Come to my arms and bring your soul to rest.
Tell me, lady, I’ve passed all your tests.
Lay your lovely head upon my chest.

Blue (A Muse)

Written By: Tony Tedeschi

Blue (A Muse)
© 2008 Tony Tedeschi

Blue brought me to know
the way to look at snow
coming down to me straight from the sky.

Blue showed me to see
the architecture of a tree
As a glory of being alive.

When my world is out of season
for all those worldly reasons,
I walk down to the sea
and let the waves there sing to me,
while I conjure up your smile
return to our world for a while,
until you’re back to stay
and tomorrow reclaims today.

You redefined my sound
birthed a new light in my eyes
re-attached me to that ground
where the pulse of earth resides.

Blue, where are you?
Tell me where I go to look for you.
Blue, where are you?
Tell me where, again, I find you.


I’m still the man I once became
in your mirrored light’s refrain
but I need to score again
the hidden glories of your game.

Oh, Blue, this song for you
would seek to hold
sketches of your gold.

You’ve got the motive and the means
to resupply my dreams
from your reservoir of melodies
that counterpoint my memories.

Blue, where are you?
Tell me where I go to look for you.
Blue, where are you?
Tell me where, again, I find you.
Where I go to look for you . . . Where I find you, Blue . . .


Written By: Tony Tedeschi


© 2008 Tony Tedeschi

Press your naked body to the wall
and dream of mountain pools of your girlhood.
Sing a song of satisfaction, in spite of the attraction
you now hold for days misunderstood.

He took your flesh and you gave it gladly,
while your mind was never anyone’s to covet.
But the thrills that danced along the sinews of your muscles
quivered to your brain and you loved it.

Aldina, what’s become of your life?
You once had all the answers,
strung like beads that burrowed through your ears.
You sipped the nectar of daylight,
then embraced the shadows of the night,
and followed him despite all your fears.


You were drawn to him the moment you first saw him,
sucked into the vortex of his eyes.
You saw a world you’d never seen before in this one
and this thing began to stir in your insides.

His heat was of a sun somewhere forgotten,
his voice a sound that echoed some dark hall,
and the sense that you’d be one, at all the points where you conjoined
was a memory from a time before your fall.

Aldina, who have you become?
You’ve got no more answers,
despite all the ways you’ve tried to nurse them back.
If this is where you end your world,
in this one where you were a girl,
then beg forgiveness from the god you’ve always lacked.

Hurry, pray to heaven that she will see you back.
Go, girl, get yourself on home . . .
If that’s the place you ultimately belong . . .

Summer Snow

Written By: Tony Tedeschi

Summer Snow
© Tony Tedeschi

It came upon me suddenly, lightly first then a blow:
An August wind bearing down from the hills,
With wispy whispers of snow.
At first I thought it the cottonwoods
That had sprinkled the roads in June,
Dropping powder puffs from where they stood
And reaching, reaching for the moon.
But they’d finished their showers in June
And had given up on the moon.

Are we no more than an anomaly,
As rare as a summer snow?
Or am I lost in the memory
Of seeing you that day long ago,
That Illinois day long ago?

We shared love that summer, when you made me believe it could snow,
As I sat with my back to an ancient oak
Loving you, loving you so.
You held to my chest,
The rise and fall of your breast
Redefining all the living I know.

The years have flown so rapidly, our children have children of their own.
The face in the mirror’s only vaguely familiar.
Where is the one I had known?
Come dance with me then
The way you did when
Our time was so new our lives never would end.

Now a summer wind flies down from the hills, lightly first then a blow,
Dark clouds moving over the sun, rimlit and aglow.
My love, come and see.
Come be here with me.
I do believe it will snow.
Wispy whispers of snow. . .


Stuck in the '60s, Vol. II
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Set List

1. Sci-Fi Movie Blues
"The world I knew has disappeared
I'm all that’s left still standing here."

2. Blue (A Muse)
"You've got the motive and the means
To resupply my dreams
From your reservoir of melodies
That counterpoint my memories."

3. Aldina
"Aldina, who have you become?
You've no more answers,
Despite all the ways
you've tried to nurse them back."

4. A Long, Long Journey Home
"It began a long, long search for self
and travels all alone,
To find that me I had misplaced
in some forgotten poem."

5. The Steps of Eden
"I wandered around, between then and now,
Asking total strangers, are they you somehow.
Convinced I'd found you, then doubting it all,
And with those doubts validating my fall."

6. Where Are You Now
"You swept into my life
Like a leaf spun in a wind blown far from home,
An exotic child of nature,