The Tony Tyler Trance

The Tony Tyler Trance


The Tony Tyler Band is a rock band with strong song-writing skills and an eclectic repertoire of original music, including rock, funk, groove, jam, blues and the like. Visit and search "tony tyler trance" for clips of live performances.


The Tony Tyler Band was formed in October 1999 by Tony Tyler and his Dad, Stan
Killingsworth. They were and are influenced by The Allman Brothers Band, Sly &
the Family Stone, The Beatles, The Doors and many others.

Stan and Tony first played together when Tony, at the age of seven, took up
drums and percussion with Stan's band, Crossfire. At age twelve, Tony switched
to guitar and keyboards, paving the way for the formation of The Tony Tyler
Trance. In 2001, Tony and Stan secured WILLIAM PERKINS as manager for The Tony
Tyler Band. His road management with THE ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND, and his
co-personal management of Gregg Allman and the 20th Anniversary Tour of THE
ALLMAN BROTHERS BAND, allows Mr. Perkins to bring vast experience and knowledge to the career development of The Tony Tyler Band. Rounding out The Tony Tyler Trance is Wes Childers on bass Tony and Stan have developed their own unique blend of rock 'n roll
within the framework of the band.

The Tony Tyler Band possesses strong song-writing skills, tight musical
delivery and the ability to consistently step into "the zone" and freely jam on
occasion, allowing the band to channel a love for the music straight to its
listeners� hearts! Watch for big things from The Tony Tyler Band, including
several upcoming festival appearances. The Tony Tyler Band allows and
encourages taping and trading of their live shows.


William Perkins
Republic Artists Management
2919 Audubon Drive
Macon GA, 31204
(478) 475-9909

Terry Reeves
The Tony Tyler Trance
(404) 734-6168


Tony Tyler Trance - self titled debut CD
Streets of Gold

Set List

The band has over 75 original songs, including but not limited to the following sample list.

Original songs include:

Streets of Gold
Beautiful People
Mississippi Runaway Train
Can't Keep Running
Desparate People
Tijuana Trance (instrumental)
Rock My Cradle
Get Real
Saira (Dancin' Girl)
Oz (instrumental)
Tijuana Trance (instrumental)
Where are the Angels?

The band plays mostly original songs, but they occasionally play covers, such as:

One Way Out (The Allman Brothers Band)
In Memory of Elizabeth Reed (The Allman Brothers Band)
Sweet Melissa (The Allman Brothers Band)
You Don't Love Me (The Allman Brothers Band)
Helter Skelter (The Beatles)
They Call Me the Breeze (Lynyrd Skynyrd)
Brick in the Wall (Pink Floyd)
War Pigs (Black Sabbath)
and many more

Songs are typically 4 minutes; however impromptu jams will extend a song on any given night.