tony tyrrell

tony tyrrell


Crafted, melodic and lyrical songs covering the canvas of life, incuding love, loss, betrayal...The music has an acoustic base but is developed through a range of instrumentation, shades, rhythms and beats. Adult contemporary, articulate songwriting drenched in beautiful meolodies.


I originally played sax and wrote for an acoustic rock band before taking up guitar and concentrating more intensively on the craft of songwriting. I am a classically trained clarinettist, a Beatles and Dylan fanatic but a fan of all types of music with other favourites ranging from Radiohead to Calexico to Declan O'Rourke to John Coltrane to Miles Davies to Elvis Costello, Springsteen, Bowie, Elliott Smith etc.

My strength is my songwriting demonstrated through my command of melody and lyric and my aim is to write great songs for great artists. I think i've already written some great songs - the trick now is to get them recorded well and to get them to great artists.



Written By: Tony Tyrrell


where have you gone to, what have you done
air I’m breathing, burns now you’re gone
I can see you though you’re not really there
how I miss you, my love being near

simple pleasures no longer enough
tastes more demanding, sophisticated stuff
friends without something to give you are gone
no-one can hear you my love no-one

you swallowed the lie, answered the call
baby they own you
the bargain you struck wants payment in kind
what will they take from you, sweet love of mine

how do you see the world
who’s eyes do you use
how do you feel my love
yes you?

lately you stopped being someone I knew
who have you become
yes you?

One and Only You

Written By: Tony Tyrrell

Of the 24 million things I’ve seen
None compare, even come near
To the one, one and only you

Tastes I’ve tasted, scents I’ve smelt
Things I’ve taken to get out of my head
Still the one, one and only you

Every road I’ve travelled, lines I wallked
Heads I have turned, hearts I broke
I’m holding on, for you

All the books I’ve read, stories told
Songs we’ve sung, friends I’ve known
Still the one, one and only you

Every morning broken, sounds I hear
It’s you I’m reaching
To touch and feel
You’re the one, one and only you

24 million things I’ve seen
none compare

Resting Trains

Written By: Tony Tyrrell

Nothing but the sound of resting trains
Your breath on my face, hair all around
This nowhere is an everywhere we’ve found
And you’re everything to me

Chorus (x1)
Do I let you know, I know
Want to make you feel, I feel

Floating in the light that’s shining in
And your rhythm makes me sing
Something always happens when you’re near
That never changes

Chorus (x2)

Times like this I know there’s something real
And I’m holding on
No-one else can take me where we’ve been
Take me

Chorus (2)

Nothing but the sound of resting trains
Your breath on my face


My former band, The Afternoons, released an album in the mid-90s through two independent Irish labels. The album was described by a leading music critic as the most sophisticated debut album of any Irish artist.

In October 2006 I completed my first solo outing and you can listen to some of the results of that process on Sonicbids and on

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I am not a performing artist.