Tony Varcoe

Tony Varcoe

BandPopAdult Contemporary

Acoustic based songs with strong memorable melodies that cross through contemporary folk to adult pop and rock.


Based in Melbourne, Australia, Tony Varcoe has been developing his individual songwriting style over many years as a singer-songwriter.

Influenced by a diverse range of genres and artists, his acoustic-based songs cross musical bridges of folk, pop and rock and even roots, but at their core are their strong melodies and life stories.

Tony's has recently released an EP, "Long Hot days", to showcase his songwriting and smooth vocals.

Tony's songwriting has been recognised through being a winner or finalist in national and international songwriting contests. Some of the comments from contest judges include: - “....powerful unique and compelling...; "…boldness of lyrical content gives an edge that makes this very marketable…” ;

Tony is looking for quality artists to record and perform his songs.


the long hot days

Written By: tony varcoe

The long hot days

The long hot days make you thirsty
but there's backbreaking work to be done
and I'll continue my toil
and pray for the rain to come

I can hear the soil screaming for water
but the clouds build up and then drift away
I'm not sure what keeps me going
maybe the hope that some luck might come my way

Well my land gets drier by the hour
as the red dust it stings my eyes
and the crows circle overhead waiting
but I was born here and I'll stay here till I die

City people say we're crazy
trying to make a living from this land
but it's something that only a farmer can understand

So I'll wander through these dying wheat fields
and look to the sky for a sign
'cause although she's a tyrant
I love this land of mine


Second Chorus
And the wild dogs howl in the moonlight
as I stay awake to the cockies piercing cry
and my trees may be uprooted by the windstorm
but I was born here and I'll stay here till I die

The long hot days make you thirsty
but there's backbreaking work to be done
and I'll continue my toil
and pray for the rain to come

Run Away

Written By: tony varcoe


I dream of a boat that will carry me
Out of this bay to the open sea
I’ll ride on the roaring winter southerlies
Out on my own
Destination unknown

I’ll drift up the coast to the northern sun
And sail by the stars just as Cook had done
I’ll pretend that a new life has just begun
A man with no name
A hand free from blame

From the fire
Seems like the only way I know to survive
Cause its down
To the wire
Runaway to heal this heart
Try to pick the pieces up
So that I can move on


Its something I can’t fathom
I still don’t understand
How a life turned out so different
From the way we had it planned
And something as strong as concrete
Could crumble into sand

I dream of a boat that will carry me
Back to a place where my soul is free
I’ll go through my journals of history
When the weather is fine
I’ll be stronger next time

Not runaway from the fire

Rpt chorus

Dont let them in

Written By: Tony Varcoe

All hands on deck

Written By: Tony Varcoe

time to admit that changes are needed
sun is sinking down
for far too long advice unheeded
grab the rope before we drown

we're looking for bright lights to guide us
from an angry stromy sea
but now the future's in the choices
made by you and me

singing all hands on deck
mother earth is sinking
so lift those sails and shift those bails
and steer her to drier land
all hands on deck time to do some thinking
we need to see its an emergency
so help us if you can
for survival of man

we're looking to blame each other for the state that this ship is in
well its too late now for angry voices
we've got to retrace our steps again


we carry a mighty burden
into the dead of night
well you know we're all in this together
with one chance to get it right
get it right


Somewhere Down The Line

Written By: Tony Varcoe

Its so good to see you
Seems like yesterday
Why do we let our lives
drift away
You travelled your road
And i went mine
But didnt we say we'd meet
Somewhere down the line

We'd talk of tomorrow
each with their own dreams
It was all so simple then
To plan our lives by travel magazines
Searching for new worlds
to open our minds
Thirsting for answers
We we living life so fine


A tale of our freedoms
A tale of our friends
A tale of missing persons
Who re-appear again
You were more than a friend to me
Than one can define
And I'll look for your gentle smile
Somewhere down the line

So here we sit now
And the world's not the same
The faces may be older
But the feelings haven't changed
Two young pilgrims
Whose stars could not align
So lets toast this moment
While we have the precious time


Inst break

Restless feet
Means its time to move on
So its back to the road and the sea
Ans think of me when you're gone


EP, "Long Hot Days", released 2009