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Los Angeles, California, United States | Established. Jan 01, 2012 | SELF

Los Angeles, California, United States | SELF
Established on Jan, 2012
Band Electronic Rock




"Skope Magazine Review 4 out of 5 stars"

It’s easy to know how to categorize a band like Too Bad. This Venice Beach musical two-some consisting of Gerry Saint & Jason Napier who just released their latest release entitled “Permission to Land” late in 2012. “Permission to Land” is one of the more upbeat, funny, quirky and brightly flavored rock releases I’ve heard this year. It’s not so dark and apocalyptic steeped in the fog of shock rock but it does have a small dose of Blur inserted. This 8 track release has got some sold melodies and impressive musicianship to boot – which is a rarity in today music. Not only are these guys excellent musicians, their contributions to the writing and arrangements of the songs have been of paramount importance-which is to say nothing of the infections and contagious chemistry they both share live. I especially like the eye candy theses guys bring to their live shows – brilliant guys! Some would say there’s also nothing really new her that hasn’t been done before per say, but don’t let that fool you. This latest CD will remind you of The Gorillaz, They Might Be Giants, and yes even classic Blur to The Red Hot Chili Peppers. It’s not moody or too serious; it’s quite the opposite evident from the outset within the first few seconds of Track 1: “Love Undercover” and Track 2 “Up & Down” which are both superlative numbers. The Saint /Napier dream team are 2 great rock revivalists, that others (like myself) will lobby hard for. These 2 can sing, write and play well. Music is a masterful combination of Alternative Rock with a bit of modern Electronic Rock. Music and lyrics are all rich in humor laced satire poking fun at the world and full of casual observations. As vocalist both recall the higher-registries as well and mesh well together harmoniously. Too Bad have a solid sound that reminds me of both old school Psychedelic rock with a modern day feel. Tack 3 “Hop Scotch” is another hilarious piece with vocal tandems that really tag team the point across. ”Into You” develops well into top flight melodic phrasing and thickly laced harmonies. Some tracks are more pop-inflected however all are alt-rock driven rather than the typical synth-pop posturing we’ve all come to expect. All of this plays into Too Bad’s unique sensibility and comical spin on the world that can jar even the most staunch of listeners. While it’s easy enough to imagine how wonderful a CD like “Permission to Land” is you really have to hear it for yourself via the below BANDCAMP link


It’s safe to say much of today’s Rock is made up entirely of yawning ambient beats, sparse musicianship and superficial vocals. Some of these intangibles reflect the artists themselves and the state of the music industry itself. Much of it is built of a house of cards that has become the quintessential pop persona. Where am I going with all this? None of the above applies to Too Bad because what you see is what you get. No smoke and mirrors just real good and quirky music that hits hard with a fresh approach to an old school rock n’ roll foundation. To Bad is an impressive release from a very likable duo. In the end it’s great to see 2 guys lighten up a bit, let down their hair and let her rip. - Erica Reynolds

"9 out of 10 review of TOO BAD"

First off I'm a metal head. Apparently Ive never heard rock music with a singular and primary vocalists/songwriter before, that is until now. I imagine the reason being is because there's a somewhat limited market for this kind of music and subsequent buying minority.

Indeed many feel solid musicianship is a dying art form in music as Power Pop and Rap dominate the airwaves with music that is for the most part - well not very real. But regardless of how you feel about Pop, or even Rap strong musicianship has remained strong and resultant over the years primarily in Jazz. However I must admit there is a resurgence of this type of music in bands like Dave Matthews Band, Phish and Tool. As a result its subsequent movements cannot be denied its place in our world. So I'm willing to give Venice Beach band Too Bad a try. Too Bad consists of 2 core members: Gerry Saint & Jason Napier. I belive their line-up changes slightly live. Regardless their latest release entitled "Permission to :Land" is one the more unique and unorthodox success stories stemming from Venice Beach. These 2 have been making a name for themselves around that region with his whacked out sound and clever musical antics. The strong melodies and ethereal vocals on "Permission to Land" envelop the listener in mystery and love. Musical comparables for me are: Electric Six, CKY, Blink-182, Static-X and Sum 41. The album feels like a slow, groovy dream, where you never know what to expect round the next bend. And when you wake up, youre not quite sure of exactly what just happened.Looking at the cover art renders a mysterious, thought provoking 2 finger- fiery first impression. This album is oh-so appropriately titled and is a true to form return of crazy writing style wrapped around insane asylum lyrics and playing style with a Progressive feel that flows. It's passionate, intricate music but goes well beyond decent chops. You can tell 2 minutes into Track 1 "Love Undercover" via the seamless timing, straight forward electro-rock playing, and well honed movement you might be in for something truly special. Track 2 "Up & Down" should be a song featured on a Video Game and "Hop Scotch" is freaking off the hook. Every track, every arrangement, every note on this album is seamlessly blend of the Too Bad musical craft. It's really testament to who they are - themselves. It's obvious that there's probably a cult fanbase out there totally in love with these 2 guys right now. In fact I will admit I love this band and everything they attempts to sing and represent - casual observations. Remember my first paragraph? Here's one band that has the balls and courage to write, play and release music that goes a bit against the grain but will remind you just how bad modern day music has really gotten. In fact in this age of Kardashian-esqe entertainment I got to hand it to a band like Too Bad who is the fruit of what many have been longing for.

As a newcomer, I strongly suggest you take on "Believe", "Hop Scotch" and "2 Bad" via the BANDCAMP link below.

Building familiarity within this style one walks away feeling like they listened to something a little truer than accustomed. If you're a new or old rocker, then odds are you will love Too Bad, If you not familiar with this style of music will feel yourself become quickly acclimatized to it. - Michael Morrison

"10 out of 10 stars -permission to land"

Los Angeles based Too Bad just released their latest CD entitled “Permission to Land” (2013). TOO BAD is the pioneers of a new genre of EDM, "Astro Punk". Gerry Saint & Jason Napier bring their sound from the world famous Venice Beach, where Jim Morrison and The Doors has nothing to do with being an influence of their music. They just love Venice Beach and playing for people who understand the new clash of Rock Guitar with Thumpy Beats, and Body Vibrating bass. Electro Rock Duo “Too Bad” is a new sound of EDM called "Astro Punk" Too Bad's debut EP entitled “Permission To Land” captures the energy and foundations of this new sound. Songs such as “Hopscotch” & “Love Undercover” have hooky vocals, thumpy beats, crunchy guitar, and heavy bass lines, that will make you dance, sing, and beg for more.

I get the impression it was ultimately songwriting that captured these guys hearts and imagination. Too Bad (feat Gerry Sait, Jason Napier) are not only good singers, songwriter, but they are what I would call musical method actors. I could defiantly hear them doing a morning radio show together.

Track 1, “Love Undercover” is indeed a festive listen. That’s apparent from the opening few tracks this is a surprisingly easy CD to just groove to. The sharp edge collection of songs is very compatible with the persona and personality of these 2 which will intrigue and indulge many. Personally, the “intrigue” quality struck me as I was listening to it, mainly because I wanted to see 2 faces to the voice. When I saw the picture of both these guys on stage they were everything I expected them to be visually. Getting back to the clean comment - some listeners might think that their rock approach is a little too "clean." I wish there were a few more hard rock pieces on the CD. My top picks are “Into You”, “Up and Down” and “2 Bad”.

One all tracks you will hear piano, organ, guitar, drums, bass, vivid vocals, vivid vocal layering and a small amount of soloing. Typically, because I am a DJ by trade you can find me posted up with my laptop with a choice beverage perusing the web while digging into new and fresh music. As "Permission to Land” breathed gently out of my speakers, it captivated me and inspired me to write down my thoughts and feelings. Feeling I had about life from day to day, from moment to moment. Perhaps this is the same approach Too Bad had when writing this CD. Yes I played it in the background while I was working out as well. This is the perfect music for these types of background activities.

“Permission to Land” delivers several superb performances from Saint and Napier and the best songs are the ones that delve into extended play territory.


Songs like “Into You”, Up and Down” and “Hop Scotch”. Insofar as Marketability and Radio – airplay I recommend Too Bad push “2 Bad” and maybe “Belive.” The CD also allowed me to indulge into memories of my childhood when I used to listen to The Red Hot Chili Peppers and Faith no More. Too Bad provided the escape I was looking for, while all 8 tracks washed over me. While I’m definitely pleased with the smooth, easy-to-digest sounds of this release, it’s easy to see that not everyone will be won over by it. “Permission to Land” by Too Bad is an impressive talent within their own right. It’s witty, it’s gritty, it’s infectious, it’s like a powerful drug - it’s Too Bad - Terry Reilly

"Indie Artists Alliance Review"

(VENICE BEACH, CA) Electro Rock Duo “Too Bad” is a new sound of EDM called “Astro Punk” Too Bad’s debut EP entitled “Permission To Land” captures the energy and foundations of this new sound. Songs such as “Hopscotch” & “Love Undercover” have hooky vocals, thumpy beats, crunchy guitar, and heavy bass lines, that will make you dance, sing, and beg for more. What’s more they just released their new CD in 2013 entitled interestingly enough “Permission to Land.”

At first none of this made any sense to me as I listened armed with an open mind and an open beer. By track 3 I was sold! This music captures the essence of boldly honest sarcasm so perfectly or in the case of these 2 (Gerry Saint & Jason Napier) delivered quite effortlessly. With a list of artistic and professional achievements as long as my arm I suspect, Saint and Napier are not really new at this. In fact it’s quite clear to me that this Southern California based duo are not only experienced, they also know exactly what they’re doing here. In music, breaking rules and challenging conventional wisdom are often deliberate efforts to establish a marketing niche, but for Too Bad they’re a natural state of mind and being. These 2 are guilty as charged – by violating the modern requirement 4 member rock band line up going with a 2 man line up.

Like most good rock music this CD provides instant gratification. t times casting you adrift on a peaceful sea of emotion, other times awry in happy thoughts, sometimes displaying a dry sense of humor. Whatever the case this 8 track collection is a finely tuned balancing act that speaks volumes about these 2. Along the patch one will find funny songwriting and evocative emotions. “Too Bad” is also swimming in the deepest end of the pool with acts such as Pulp, Elastica, Gorillaz. I see them as a modern day Iffy Pop. “Permission to Land” by Too Bad is like a curve ball and one might also take note these two have moved away from their progressive rock pacing of their previous effort. The end result 8 new tracks that more closely resemble pop songs in terms of length and musical form, but this is not to say the music is conventional. All the while keeping it mild, real, flowing and simple. The first track “Love Undercover” gently rolls out through a roughly 4 minutes intro piece of music ranging from alt rock, progressive rock, sonic chill and even course classic pop styles. Others like “Into You” and “Hop Scotch” are rocking full tilt pieces. “Up & Down” and “Twisted” are more memorable ones foe me. Getting back to their core sound – I’d say this hybrid sound is a good move for sure. The voices of both Saint and Napier really seal the deal for me, especially how they tag team with each other.

While some albums rely on over the top theatrics this one is more laid back in stature. Too bad are not trying hard to win any stupid Grammies here. Rather these 2 infuse light hearted guitars and simplistic themes which made more sense to me the more intoxicated I became. The rhythms and slow burning vocals coupled with the mind blowing lyrics will cause you to think and comprehend life itself from their twisted and funny perspective. It all makes perfect sense to me now.

Joel Aiken edited by Joshua Beach

Rating: 10/10 - Joel Aiken

"All Whats Rock + TOO BAD REVIEW"

Score – 9/10

We’ve all watched musical trends and pop rock artists wind through their fair share of the nine lives that often accompany the personnel-shuffling lo-fi garage-pop world. I find it interesting how pop from the 50’s when compared to pop from the 80’s and 90’s may sound different but it all has the same component. The artists at the focal point must be good all-around entertainers not relying too heavily on one skill set mind you. Paula Abdul is a perfect example, when in her prime was at best an average singer but had an above average look and an impeccable knowledge of choreography. It all balances out I guess. Unfortunately much of his carries over Independent music as everyone and their mom can now release a new CD to be cherished by a few loved ones and some close acquaintances. Much of it is to do about nothing. So it’s no surprise that there’s a band called “Too Bad” that just released their latest CD entitled “Permission to Land” in 2012. At first glance you might expect this is just another trivial statement from 2 guys in a basement? Guess again! From the opening lines of “Love Undercover” and “Up & Down” to the resolved close of “Watch Yourself” this is an unleashed whirlwind of musical insanity. It’s also an instantly likeable collection of 8 tracks offering the best that Independent Alternate Rock has to offer. What I like the most about Gerry Saint & Jason Napier is how they are largely uncomplicated, without the sticky-catchy gimmicks of a Pop sound that sounds like a bold font stuck in your face.

On “Permission to Land” the vocals are not an over the top testimony either, but rather a well executed, conservative staple that is modest and well packaged. The more I listened to this CD the more it feels as if Permission to Land are one of those “under the radar” type alt-rock artists. Of course I remember the days where Bloodhound Gang, Damon Albarn and Graham Coxon filled the airwaves. A flashy piece of music may be is worth a thousand words, but a simple song can say volumes more. Much of this is in stark contrast to “Permission to land” with its crisp spunky sound these 2 bring. It’ may be true that the rock legions especially along the West Coast around LA may be forming a new type of musical revolution. Almost a Pop backlash if you will. Who cares about flashy pop anyway and it’s house of cards. Like the sugar rush of any power pop song sometimes their dedication to the aesthetic loses its flavor in the end. Too Bad are polar opposites and their latest release “Martians’ gets a thumbs up from me. These guys present a favorable blend of Alt-Pop-Rock via 8 songs sure to be enjoyed by all who voyeur.

My top tracks are: “Up & Down”, “Hop Scotch” and “2 Bad”

Criticism: If these 2 guys used a cutting edge Production team and added 3 or 4 songs – I couldn’t touch it!

When one buys an unpredictable rock CD, they don’t want marketability, flashiness or even rebellion. They want someone like Too Bad to color outside the lines a bit, breaking some rules along the way. “Permission to Land” delivers all of the above and more – it’s that simple. Both of their voices in unison work, the songs work, the CD works, Saint & Napier work, their live shows work! The potential these 2 have could be bigger than any of realize at the moment and their low-key modesty and rock star persona speaks for itself. - Jake Mallory


Alternative Rockers Too Bad (Gerry Saint & Jason Napier) just released their latest CD entitled “Permission to Land” in 2013. They go by Too Bad and they hail from Venice Beach, California. Both bring a comical spin on life, and we all know how well music reflects life. With this kind of comical approach to modern day Alternative Rock we’ve seen similar bands like The Horrors, Miles Kane and Manic Street Preachers achieve huge scale success. On “Permission to Land” you’ll hear the A-typical sonic Punk/Americana concoctions with a hint of Ambient Rock via some enticing piano/guitar driven groves. I like to call this kind of genera “psychedelica”. Personally it’s my favorite style of music to listen to. You know music like The Beastie Boys and more recently Gorillaz or Beck to Franz Ferdinand – this CD will be for you. “Permission to Land” combines all of the above with an above average vocal style and a solid signature sound. A highly second anticipated CD from these 2, featuring all original heartfelt songs on guitar, keyboards, synth-heavy beats accompanied by musical tidbits of bass, drums, and back-up vocals. All 8 arrangements offer much in the way of captivating musical performances and a diverse spectrum of sound that runs full circle. Let me start by saying “Permission to Land” is the perfect title for a spaced out CD like this – but beware you cannot resist the urge to dance. Too Bad makes a good first impression with “Love Undercover”. Besides modern day Funkadelics one can also appreciate the hint of Soul and Singer/Songwriter. The underlying theme here is no-doubt Electronica-Rock based and the array of instrumentation offers everything one would expect. The R&B-Funk-Rock like quality is the perfect foundation for some of this songwriting. In this aspect they remind me of Supergrass, The Toadies, The Libertines and The Stone Roses. Some songs push hard “Into You” while a few touch on zany balladry “Watch Yourself” and “Up & Down.” While all pieces provide an intoxicating funky dance grooves.

The beginning, middle and end of the album incorporates all of the aforementioned styles into a whirlwind of musical delight that slowly fades out as humbly as it begins on the final track “Watch Yourself”. The song that had the biggest impact upon me as a listener was “Into You”

BOTTOM LINE: Too Bad’s latest release “Permission to Land” makes a lasting impression upon the listener – PERIOD! Together these 2 make a deadly combination. They sound comfortable together not holding anything back and their eccentrically good songwriting is never one called into question. This latest string of songs creates an inviting musical setting that highlights all the good about eccentric trippy Alt-Rock and Singer/Songwriter Electro-Funk music. All songs offer a wide array of musical depth and structure – offering a great balance set of songs. - VENTS MAGAZINE - RJ Frometa

"Indie Shark Album Review"

The Review 2 member (Venice Beach, CA) musical project Too Bad" just dropped their latest 8 track CD entitled “Permission to Land" in 2013. Band consists of:2 members: Gerry Saint (Lead Vocalist, Keyboards) and Jason Napier (guitar, background vocals). Straight away I discovered Too Bad to have an interesting, entertaining powerful yet sensationally sound. In their own words: TOO BAD is the pioneers of a new genre of EDM, "Astro Punk". Gerry Saint & Jason Napier bring their sound from the world famous Venice Beach, where Jim Morrison and The Doors has nothing to do with being an influence of their music. They just love Venice Beach and playing for people who understand the new clash of Rock Guitar with Thumpy Beats, and Body Vibrating bass.

I also really like the way things kick off. Immediately with eccentric Track 1 “Love Undercover" It delivers really raw psychedelic guitars and overall electronic-rock sound with some compelling vocals, tripped out writing style and superfluous melodic touches that really bring it home. Right away I can hear bands like The Vines, The Hives, Klaxons, The Subways and even The Strokes. Track 2 and 3 “Up & Down" and “Hop Scotch" really give you the impression as if you’re listening to a 70’s disco rock band with a more modern-day rock twist. The musical flow of both tracks are eccentric, bold and push the envelopes. Not just musically but also lyrically. I get the impression these lads are real risk takers with their music. Despite this they manage to somehow stay within the fairway of marketability but definitely push boundaries on all tracks. These are compliments by the way. The musicianship follows down the same path offering up much in the way of a electronic based rock band all built on frenzious sonic, harmonic notes that are plucked from the heavens. As the passionate provocative narrative unfolded I was blown away. Too Bad make a living telling ordinary tales of extraordinary things thus connecting us to the universal power and emotional rawness of love, loss, favor and fury. The result is potent and mesmerizing, honesty, funny, eccentric and entertaining. Playing and Singing – Saint and Napier deliver their cosmic tales and will induce the same in their audience. From beginning to end this CD keeps the same party mood while maintaining a mysterious funked-out rock feel. As a lead vocalist Saint delivers emotionally invigorating performance that will remind you of a modern day Talking Heads. Their high pitch, vocals blend well together when the marmonize.

The Bottom Line: In conclusion, this is one CD package that will bring back memories of a not so distant age where good rock music rocked the airwaves and possessed a more simplistic feel. All the while inspiring people with amazing artistic energy to get people thinking, singing, dancing and even helped them start a revolution. To me this is what rock is all about and it's what Too Bad are all about. - Ryan Copeland

"Indie Music Digest Review 9 out of 10 stars"

Too Bad’s latest release Permission to Land is what modern-day rock is supposed to be all about. The Saint-Napier dream team pretty much let it all hang out and as a result rock the house. Its strong suit is its amazing mojo sonic ambiance and song for song musical flow. These guys get high marks from me for their overall mojo and attitude vocally but are never to over the top about anything. What's also impressive is the brilliant cutting edge signature sound these 2 bring to the table. Rock n' Roll is abut pushing envelopes or boundaries . This CD will be a real joy for those listeners out want that with a flowing trippy and thick rocked out dance ambiance to fill their sonic space peacefully and unobtrusively. I recommend you just hit play, close your eyes and see where the party takes you. So if you’re looking for a psychedelic musical experience with a psychedelic rocked out attitude, then I highly recommend you take a listen to the latest CD from Too Bad right away. - Indie music digest - Cyrus Rhodes

"“Manimal” – original dance music with expert punk-rock structures!"

The trio has recently dropped their new single “Manimal”. Growing up in the 80’s, and really enjoying New Order, Human League and the underground electronic dance music of the time, this single gave me the chills. This like eighties electro meets Daft Punk, meets The Prodigy. It is so dead-on as far as getting that special sound. Whether this is intentional or not really has no importance. Too Bad gets it, only they’re grittier, with chugging basslines and chunky guitar sounds to match!

Too Bad blends complex, infectious and original dance music with expert punk-rock structures that are just designed to apex at the most cathartic and beautiful moment. The beat is tight and addictive on “Manimal” and it’s got great vocals too. If you like rock, grab this single. If you like electronic music, grab this single. If you like to shake it while cleaning the house, go ahead and grab this single! - Rick Jamm


Still working on that hot first release.



TOO BAD’s sound has been referred to as if ‘Depeche Mode’ had a baby with ‘The Presets’. They will take you through a journey of your favorite electronic sounds of yesterday, with the freshest songwriting of tomorrow. As an up and coming native Venice Beach band, the members of TOO BAD haven’t quite been able to quit their day jobs… yet. Somehow, members Gerry Saint, J Rock, and Bam Bam, have found a way to actively pursue their musical dreams, while still being able to entertain millions of fanatical consumers of media across the globe. You see, Saint and Bam Bam both create and weave the very fabric of American culture… Reality Shows. You’ve witnessed their disastrous yet highly entertaining editing wizardry on such television shows as Vh1’s Flavor of Love, Rock of Love, Dating Naked, or the WeTV hit show Marriage Boot Camp: Reality Stars. The hectic and maddening television industry brought TOO BAD together.
In 2011 while surfing in Huntington Beach, Saint and his long time childhood friend Justin Bobby (one of the cast members from that horrible reality show MTV’s “The Hills”), discovered their mutual love for electronic music and decided they wanted to create a revolutionary new project that would craft their own style and sound. They would accomplish this by mixing their favorite electronic music producers, such as Prodigy and Daft Punk, with some of their favorite punk bands like Bad Religion and Pennywise. By the time the sun had set on an incredible surf day, TOO BAD was born.
But, as soon as TOO BAD’s first EP began to fully take hold, Bobby quit the band. So, Saint put a casting call on Craigslist and local singer/songwriter and recording artist Jason Napier answered the call. He nailed the audition, was patched in as J Rock, and the band set forward in chasing the dragon of musical success. After many Los Angeles shows as a musical duo featuring vocals, live synths and guitars, they could tell people were digging the sound, and songs, but they needed something more. As fate would have it, while Saint was editing The Devil’s Ride for Discovery Channel, he met fellow editor Jason Berlin, who previously drummed for progressive musical acts Periphery and Eat Your Neighbors. Berlin came to a practice, nailed the tunes, played a show, people raged their faces off, and was patched in as Bam Bam. It was at that point that TOO BAD was finally realized in its finest form.
TOO BAD’s freshest hit single “MANIMAL” has over 17,000 plays on Soundcloud and has been placed in the sequel to the feature film Samurai Cop, “Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance.”
The future looks bright for TOO BAD, thanks to an unlikely connection through curse words, trashy people, and the terrible story telling that we call… Reality Television.

TL;DR: We are reality television editors, making electro rock with an 80’s vibe. Our new single is ‘MANIMAL’.

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