Too Be Announced

Too Be Announced


We are just 4 friends who would love to use their music to speak to people and spread Gods word using the Rock!


We have been Playing music together for about 4 years now. We practice as much as we can. We are always trying to improve and put on great and entertaining shows. We have a very wide range of influnces from Escape the Fate to Blink 182, From The Devil Wears Prada to Johnny Cash. Even though we have these influences we try to have a unique sound of our own.


we have done 1 ep, Nothing major. We haven't sold them. we just did it to have something to post online and what not. We are looking at getting back in the studio in the next year and taking our time and producing a good quality Ep. some of our songs include:

Flowers In Perfume,
Bleeding through,
Brooke(Come Back My Love),
Justins Song(Whoever Looks),
That Hole in My Chest(an Indie Breakdown,
and more

Set List

We Usually play 6 songs for about 30 minutes, that gives us extra time to talk and what not between songs. We play covers every once in a while, Usually something widely known that we've changed to our style to grab everyones attention