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DON'T MISS THIS! ........... A NEW GENRE OF JAZZ..... Combine a traditional walking bass with thicker, heavier Hip Hop and Funk rhythms ....add some real blowin', scat vocals and rap....What do you get? ...Call it... "HIP BOP!"


- Too Blue Lou And The Groove

Introducing a new kind of urban sounding jazz on their debut CD for Jazzheads Records, "The Birth Of Hip Bop." The album is already buzzing among the critics!

Chris Spector from the Midwest Record writes, "... it's a dandy urban party record for when the street crowd has a taste for some up market ambience."

This new music combines a traditional walking bass with thicker, heavier hip hop and funk rhythms. Then add some real blowin' and an occasional rap or scat vocal and there you have it... a brand new genre of jazz. Call it... "HIP BOP!"

Edward Blanco from eJazzNews describes it as "... one interesting session of music...what you'll hear on this recording you've not heard before."

Hip Bop's creator, Lou Montelione is a jazz pianist and recording artist with Jazzheads Records. In a review of his label debut, "Comin' Back Home" which was a mainstream jazz outing, Jack Bowers from All About Jazz writes "... the man plays some serious jazz piano...You may even find yourself glancing at the jacket from time to time to make sure you're not actually listening to one of jazz's "big-name" keyboard artists. That's the sort of persuasive impression Montelione fashions on his debut recording, breezing confidently through song after song with a sure-handed technique and clear-headed conception..."

After the success of "Comin' Back Home" Montelione decided to change course and realize another musical vision which was to merge hip hop music with jazz music in a particular way that remains true to jazz. To make it work he joined with musicians not only well versed in jazz, but who had a contemporary sensibility as well.

Eric Huff is Too Blue Lou And The Groove's saxophonist. His heartfelt, vibrant playing became a leading voice for this new music.
Huff played and arranged for Beyonce Knowles as well as many other top artists such as Gloria Gaynor, Melba Moore, Billy Preston and Kirk Franklin just to name a few. It's no wonder Walter Kolosky from writes "...saxophonist Huff is especially impressive."

Daisuke Abe the guitarist of the band was born in Tokyo. He graduated at the top of his class at the Jazz Course Of Senzoka Gakuen College and received a world scholarship to Berklee where he then received the Louis Belson Award.
Daisuke's lyrical style adds beautifully to the overall sound of Too Blue Lou And The Groove.

Roy Weinberger, the drummer, has played with greats from all genres of music from Bo Diddley to Jaki Byard to Percy Sledge to Slam Steward and has played major venues all over the world.
It is this kind of experience that enabled him to develop a way of combining the different musical genres essential for hip bop music.

Mike Aidoo is a rapper/vocalist and performs with Too Blue Lou And The Groove as a guest artist.


1- "Comin' Back Home" on Jazzheads Records. It gets radio airplay on the jazz radio stations.
2- "The Birth Of Hip Bop" release date: August 5, 2008 on Jazzheads Records

Set List

We do a mix of jazz standards and originals. This would be an example of a long set:
Originals- 1. Never Gonna Give Up 2. Hip Bop & Scappy 3. Groove One For Fun 4. That Situation 5. Essence Of Woman 6. Ode To Knee Deep

Covers- 1. Nardis 2. Stella By Starlight 3. Solar 4. What Is This Thing Called Love 5. Blue In Green
(Please note that the covers are performed in our unique style.)