too busy being bored

too busy being bored


if kurt cobain slept with the vines and out came a multi voiced huge slab of los angeles to new york sized chorus laden song.


Forrest fire Gray and Peter Landi started playing in Forrest's basement last year. A bunch of cool ideas came out of those sessions. They cobbled together a band out of their friends, Dave Horn on the drums, George Hoglund on rhythm guitar, Tucker Ruiz, untangling his fingers on the bass, and the newest member on the oh so neccassary keyboards Owen "O dog" Prieato to round out the sound, and amuse us with the 'bucket'. Now that we have had quick run through the studio, we will begin to play gigs more regularly, so we are looking forward to another talkhouse gig, as well more recording. there are some songs that still need to be put down like 'aqualung', and 'place your bets', as well as some new ideas that are being worked up right now, so keep tuned in and we'll keep putting it out.


KILLING IS A NO VOTE single, on an EP called T.V. guided, our music can be found on myspace.

Set List

37 days
t.v. is our guide
pre plastic surgery
open door
blister in the sun
three little words
waiting still
girl in the city
killing is a no vote

this comes off of a set we will be playing next weekend, where we headline and have a long set, the cover we are doing now is blister in the sun by the violent femmes, we also do a version of satisfaction by the rolling stones.