London, England, GBR

“Toodar create the most beautiful multi-coloured pop music in Ten Paces that follows the absolute heart pumping delight of Toy. I’m an unashamed fan...’’ Tom Robinson - BBC6 Music


"Fronted by boy/girl production duo Tom Grundy and Isabel Morley, Toodar (short for too-darn-lazy) emerged as a bloggers' favourite in 2011, the melancholic/euphoric electro of debut EP Red drawing comparisons with Passion Pit with the vocals of Guy Garvey. With two quirky self-produced videos for Toy and Ten Paces scoring features by Guardian Guide and BBC6 Music, and broad UK airplay, the east London four-piece will spend the next year touring the UK extensively. Tom's gorgeous vocals and a sound that will resonate with a late night buzzing crowd makes Toodar an intense and compelling live act for 2012.
-Music Week Presents

"* Tom Robinson says they are 'dense and beautiful'. No argument there
* toodar shot the dizzying video for Toy themselves by strapping a mobile phone to a Hornby train set centred around their drum kit - so simple, so genius
* New song Ten Paces is currently being remixed by 1extra DJ and dub-step star Stanza True Tiger
* Are they electronica? Are they indie? We don't know, but that doesn't really matter. They're just rather good
* Tracks like We Didn't Mean To Go To Sea make the perfect brooding soundtrack to life. Stick Toodar in to your ears while you are out and about and you will surely agree..."
-Virgin Red Room

"...the rather creative video for their track Toy, the entire thing is shot having stuck a camera to a Hornby toy train. We applaud this creative expression of word play into video form. “This is OLD NEWS!”, we hear the Bloggerati cry, “YOUR POWERS ARE WEAK, OLD MEN!”. “Yeah, whatever”, says we, for our subject of today’s illustrious TOTD is, in fact, the second single, Ten Paces, lifted from the band’s Red EP. An emotive piece of musical art, the track combines the vocal talents of frontman Tom Grundy, striking a similar chord to that of Elbow‘s Guy Garvey combined with the softer touches of Biffy Clyro‘s Simon Neil, with a rhythm section that would make you think this is Three Trapped Tigers taking a more contemporary direction. It’s an absolute pleasure to listen to, more to the point."
-Killing Moon Limited

"Toodar’s ‘Red’ EP is a multi-layered massage to the ear drums. They succeed where a lot of others fail with their soothing slow build up technique by not trying to force anything and other than Tom Grundy’s haunting vocals, the focus is very much evenly spread across an extremely wide range of instruments, which allows the listener the chance to appreciate all the lovely little touches that are present. This is a sign of some serious musicians, people! Does the EP hold up though? Yeah, it does; strong song-writing + sweeping melodies + clever use of lots of lovely instruments by talented folk = Good things."


2010- White Elephant EP (BBC6Music play for all tracks)
2011- Red EP (Rash Records) BBC6Music Lauren Laverne feature for 'Toy', XFM play for 'Toy', BBC6Music Tom Robinson play for 'Toy' and 'Ten Paces'.
2011- Ten Paces Single (Rash Records) BBC1xtra play for 'Ten Paces (True Tiger Remix).
Other airplay for 'Toy' and 'Ten Paces'- Amazing Radio, Xtreme East Radio, West Virginia Radio.

Set List

Jack In A Box
Red Light
Cold Blooded Killers
Ten Paces